Beginner Yun - Requesting Yun Teaching Aid (PC)

Hello Shoryuken Forum members,

I’ve recently picked up Yun,
I don’t have any Street Fighter experience prior to SSF4AE, I’ve played Juri and Ibuki.

I feel like picking up Yun as a second character because he feels alive and very responsive to most situations.

I was hoping any of you were willing to teach me a thing or two on how to handle Yun.


It might also be helpful if you state your region and play times.


I had to post my previous post real quick due to being busy.

Time zone: GMT +1 (CET)
Region: West Europe (Still have a good connection to East United States)
Play Times: Possible after 6pm. During weekends all day.
GFWL: Shinymarble

Thanks for your reply CStatic

I play Yun, I’ll add you, I’m also Europe so we should have a decent connection.

I’ll be online in 10 minutes.
Meet you there.

Are there any other volunteers :3 ?
I’d like a good variety to see what Yun is capable of.

you on Xbox right?

Nope, PC ^^

aw. well wish i could help you. I am a really good Yun myself

Am interested in learn from a good Yun in xbox live, if someone can help me am Yashiro EC :smiley: (South America)

I’m in the same ballpark as you Shinymarble, i’m in a close region so it should be good

I’m Also CET (GMT+1) and just picked up Yun/SSFIV AE (yesterday) would really appreciate some tips ^^

I’ll teach you some Yun combos if you want, add me. GT is FutabaShimeru.