Beginner Yun that needs help getting started



I really like the character yun, his fighting style, the character design, everything about the character. I just started playing with him and I’m sort of lost on how to begin even playing him. If anyone would be so kind as to give me some pointers on playing yun. Like do I start with just practicing some bnbs until i get the character down and then start with other things. What are some good training regiments for yun? I would really like to start playing this character alot and any help is greatly appreciated!

Yun now G tier, as in GG i dont wanna win

me, too, I’d like to make Yun my second. I didn’t like him in AE because overpowered and too many people using him… now when I play online I find no Yun around, lol, so it’s a good time. But I don’t know his new bnbs and main changes after v2012…


I don’t think many people use Yun during AE 2011. Atlaest in my area or in US. I never played against a Yun in any tournament.


I think people still use Yun in the US, I saw this one California tournament that was streamed last week and there was a Yun that topped 8 and a Yang that finaled. And it was a pretty good tournament too there was some players like Mr.naps and others. So I still think he is pretty viable we just need to know the character inside out, know our match ups and spacing. And schiff all of yun’s bread and butter can still be used in 2012 such as:
CR.L, CR.L, St.L, St. M, LUNGE PUNCH/ upkicks
CR.m CR.m, St. M, lunge punch/ upkicks
The the only thing about Yun is you Can’t spam divekicks anymore because they increased the recovery frames when you land when whiffing dive kicks, and lunge punches aren’t safe anymore because now they’re -2 on block but you can still do ex lunge punch for a -1 but obviously don’t abuse it. Also they made the change where you can’t follow with a special or ultra after landing an ex lunge punch so now you can’t command throw to ex lunge punch to ultra anymore. But you can still shoulder to ultra and do ex upkicks to ultra but only in the corner.


His most damaging combo starting from a light punch and ending in upkicks (using no meter) to my knowledge is:
cr.lp, st.lp,, xxx medium upkicks - 191 damage, 326 stun (If starting with a dive-kick, 226 damage, 383 stun)

You can end the combo in heavy upkicks if your opponent is crouching when you start the combo. Light and Medium upkicks to finish the combo will miss against crouching opponents, so use heavy in that situation. You can also use heavy upkicks on some standing characters, but not all, so medium is the safer option.

Damage for ending in heavy upkicks:
Heavy w/o dive-kick - 209/356
Heavy with dive-kick - 241/408

If you don’t mind using meter and want more stun, you can do a variation of this combo with -
cr.lp, st.lp,, xxx ex upkicks, light lunge punch - 230 damage, 431 stun (If starting with a dive-kick, 257 damage, 500 stun)

I think the timing on these combos are stricter than his normal B&Bs though, so learn those first.


Hk upkicks doesn’t work if you add too many attacks in your combo and your opponent is standing. If you do cr lp, st lp, cr. mp , st mp go for mk upkicks if you see them standing, deals the same damage as mp lunge but gives a better knowdown.To my knowledge lunge punches were never safe unless you spaced them correctly.

@ShiroStarX, Schiff
I still gots to learn but my tips are 1. get your combos down 2. learn to space divekicks properly and don’t be too predictable with them! 3. try to mixup your opponents with frametraps, tickthrows and cmd grabs 4. find ways of capitalizing on your knockdowns(crossup divekick, cmd grab, meaties, safe jumps).

Yun can still be very explosive because much of what he does leads to favorable situations. It’s not rare that I finish my matches in just 3-4 consecutive correct guesses on knockdowns in less than 15-20 seconds.


Thanks Neiburo, I’ve ammended my previous post with further information. Heavy upkicks as a combo ender for that particualr combo definitely work on some characters though, I had Chun as a training dummy earlier and it worked on her. I also tested it on Sagat and it works. Is Chun’s hitbox on the large side? I agree that Medium Upkicks would generally be the safer option though, so I made an edit about that in my last post.

You’re right about the lunge punch only being safe if spaced correctly, apart from EX lunge which put you +1 on block.

Edit: I’ve been doing some experimenting with the combo - cr.lp, st.lp,, xxx medium lunge punch

It works on Ryu standing, but not Sagat. However it works on both Sagat and Ryu crouching.


<YUN 2012>

i tried to play yun since january, what i understood is

usefull frame datas
max range lunge punch are at about -2
ex lunge is -1
shoulder LP is -3 on block, +2 on hit
st.MP exe = 5frames, frame trap (positive) for close st.MP only, far MP is negative, on block
LP & 2LP exe=3
2LK exe=4
2MP exe =5

positive block stun
+1 close LK , far LK , crouch LK
+2 close MP (not far!!) , crouch LP , crouch MP
+3 st.LP, close or far

+learn to plink

important*learn perfectly the distance for safe dive kicks
*learn perfectly the distance for safe lunge punches (very important for zoning)
*learn perfectly your MP links and after tenshin
*learn how to dive kick cross up (LK dive kick), do not work on all characters (i was unable to cross up dive kick balrog, for instance)

*in training mode, to test meaty and cross up dive kick, remove auto guard

st.MP main tool

cr.MK not as good as shoto but ok

st.HK from far against 2MK pokes, but, as it’s soo slow, check before if your opponent is jumping a lot, or zoning on the ground a lot. use it only if opponent really stands on the floor and pokes a lot of 2MKs / 2HKs

st.MK has a good reach against standing char. might be a good idea after
2LK 2KL 2LK st.LK -> MK (you get the idea, after a blockstring)

palms from far away, it’s quite punishable when whiffe (especially fei long^^), or try to hit with it (as cheap damage)

(new)neutral jumping (i know it’s yun trademark, but i didn’t write it until now)
*far away enough to make SRK whiff, do not be afraid to look stupid and do a lot of empty neutral jump, some opponents will SRK right away if you dive kick.
*if even more far away, neutral jump or forward jump early LK dive kick. Beware of gouki U1, there is a lot of recovery.

but do not spend your life neutral jumping too !!
*uses =if the opponent whiff a zoning poke => dive kick
*uses =if the opponent jumps toward you => HP

this is very important against shoto especially, like ryu, because if he is very defensive, he will play only in reaction of your moves. All you can do is be threatining, without attacking, preventing his fireball and cheap damage game.

about forward jumping : LP has long active frames and will beat most air attack. If you want to jump forward, always have a finger above LP just in case.

about combo**(new)**

most damaging is usually like 2MP 2MP st.MP upkick, you can add a 2MP on some chars like rufus, dhalsim and some others.

i wont go into details, mostly it’s light, hit confirm, MP or MK, special. Let’s says there are some categories, ending by :

*a target MP 4MP 4HP midscreen, you can do a safe HP lunge punch (you will eat invincible reversals though), then throw or upkick for instance, it’s quite effective when the opponent is not used to you/yun. After that, do a LP shoulder instead, to provoke SRK.

*an upkick, on most characters, you can do a LK dive kick cross up then link 2LP

*a LP shoulder : you are at +2, your st.MP is 5 frame, it will beat almost everything the opponent will try to, except invincible reversal. But even then, it happens quite often that the opponent misses the timing of the reversal in this frame window

  • and lunge punch : mostly after 2MP 2MP, then 2MK shoulder -> to bring your opponent to the corner

usefull target combo

2HK st.HK -> vs Focus attack sometimes

MP HP 4HP -> sometimes when you fear you might drop the combo finishing with st.MP, upkick, it is a good idea to use this one. easier, and pushes back to the corner greatly. Might follow with a lunge LP to charge super.

jump LP then forward HP -> very efficient vs focus attack, like chun li jump HPxHP. Might open guard if the opponent blocks low too quickly

LP LK MP -> at first i ignored this one, but it is usefull since it allows you to reach the MP part in an uninterruptible way (no SKR in links). Plus this move ends at about -2 / -3, punishable only with chun li super and faster stuff. No srk. Remember, after lights, if you link, you end with a far st.MP, which is at -5.
For instance, a guile will mash flash kick whenever he sees a st.MP, be it canceled into shoulder or not.
This target does a bit less damage, but is a far safer approach method, when needed (mashing opponent $$)

vs fireballs
MP shoulder (very quick reaction, or you read the fireball :slight_smile: )
shoulder EX (on reaction, not so hard, and from far away)

anti air
st.MP from far or slightly in front, not bad but not perfect, really does not work against ryu jump HP at the right height.

st.MK launcher from above (too near jump in like => walk ahead to get straight under him, st.MK, launch, neutral jump cancel
HP, shenanigan => shoulder HP cross down (into U1 without FADC). Not working on SRK mashers :slight_smile:

upkick LK is invincible, but really must be done the latest possible
or upkick HK if your timing for LK is bad, like mine, but might trade a lot (better than getting body press anyway)

finally, i’ve got so much trouble with upkick anti air, that i to use normals when i can. Safer :slight_smile:

after focus crumple

mid screen best damage , no ex = 2MP 2MP st.MP upkick (245-255)
mid screen best damage, with ex = palm EX, shoulder LP lunge punch MP (344)

corner best damage, no ex = FADC forward dash, palm, delay, st.MK (launcher), lunge LP (288)
[doesn’t work on some character, light characters i think, like ibuki]
corner best damage, with ex = FADC backward dash, EX palm, delay, st.MK (launcher), lunge MP (316)

BnB hit confirm
x lights -> st.LP -> st.MP -> upkick (HK if “near”, MK if “far” or crouched i’d say)

edit: MK for crouching caracters. Anyway, for instance against standing ryu,
cr.LP st.LP cr.MP st.MP upkick MK works, HK doesn’t work. Thus there is a distance thing in addition i think :slight_smile:

for more damage
upkick EX -> lunge punch LP

for super
shoulder LP, super, mash HK, as soon as the first HK gets out cancel into lunge punch then you should
6MK for damage & less damage reduce
palm for damage & less damage reduce in corners mainly
lunge punch if opponents is getting too close to fall on the floor, to juggle higher
for more specific stuff, i’m not at that level

BnB pressing on block
x lights kinda cr.LKx3 st.LK (cancel or link, if hit somewhere you can link into st.LK then cancel into lunge punch LP)

x (0-4) light, st.MP shoulder LP for cheap damage then,

x light st.MP palm or fake palm

x light, special throw

special throw 2MP st.MP MK upkicks

BnB punish
cr.MP x2 (more on big like honda, balrog and some) st.MP HK upkick
except of course, blanka & maybe some more, in which case it may be better to 2MP 2MP 2MP st.MP lunge punch

frame traps

2MP 2MP st.MP are frame traps
2LP st.LP 2.MP st.MP, the MPs are frame trap

shoulder LP on block , you are far ->
**st.HK beats a lot of low moves (not fei long 2HP, not gouki 2HK, but against this one, you have the time to walk back a bit then st.HK )
**if opponents like to poke because you’re at -3 on block, jump divekick (LK mostly i’d say)
**on hit , you’re at +2, st.MP is 5 frame, all he can do is a SRK, thus another st.MP shoulder LP is nice until he learns to block

close st.MP (really close…) you might try another 3-6 frame move

into U1
upkick EX in corner
shoulder MP or HP then FADC
cross down shoulder MP / HP without FADC
special throw 2MK LK upkicks
corner target combo MP HP 4HP FADC (and hit) U1 - i mean not focus dash nothing, but focus cancel, hit, dash, U1

st.MK anti air (above head, not in front!) jump cancel HP, HP shoulder cross down, U1

about “special throw 2MK LK upkicks” , check following vid from 1:15
there is a nice use of super in corner at the end with a 2HP->HK upkick loop then 2HP palm 2HK knockdown.

character specific :
the setup with grab commmand throw, 2MK -> lk upkick (1hit, the 2nd one) -> U1
works against cammy only
-if you use 2LK instead of 2MK, it works against guile, vega, rufus.
-with rose, use st.MP lk upkick, U1

comboing after U1 (new)

-U1 after any juggle, you can only do shoulder EX
-U1 without previous juggle (like after a FA, or clean)
**HP lunge punch (anywhere)
**LP shoulder forward HP (corner), more damage

reset part 1

launcher st.MK

you can use it as wake up meaty (especially if the opponent shows throw or throw escape mashing)

st.MK launcher (wake up) neutral jump dive kick MK, shoulder LP crossdown, if well done, you can link st.LP

in corner:
st.MK jump cancel, HK divekick, yun looks like he’s in the corner, BUT
-do nothing and yun is pushed outside the corner by the landing opponent => double cross down, meaning no crossdown
-walk toward corner a bit, and you’ll stay in corner, real cross down.
do your meaty cr.MP cr.MP st.MP upkick for instance then :slight_smile:
(very hard to see)

you might end super with a MK launcher in corner too

in corner:
st.MK jump cancel, MK dive kick, HP shoulder crossdown => U1

note, the problem with MK dive kick and crossdown shoulder is, mashed SRK will auto correct.

forward throw 2 dash neutral jump mk safe jump vs >4 or 5 SRK
forward throw jump forward x 2 safe, 2LK meaty
forward throw jump forward x 2, while going up, dive kick mk not cross up
forward throw jump forward x 2, while slightly after reaching peak, dive kick lK , cross up

about the last 2, i’m not sure about the dive kick version, if it’s not working, switch LK & MK version

forward throw, lunge punch HP (crosses the opponent),
->neutral jump, dive kick HK cross up
->forward jump, dive kick LK, cross up

back throw, lunge punch HP if done at the first possible moment, is safe (timing is somewhat hard, anyway, nothing will go out if you input the move too soon). Good for baiting SRK. (don’t forget to do a late tech throw escape anyway)

while super in corner, if you can manage to do a st.MK launcher at the end, there is some cross down shoulder reset into U1 you can do. if someone can find a video of that :slight_smile:

other resets part 2** (new)**
*resets are mainly after a st.MK launcher.
*after a LP shoulder FADC (on hit preferably), tenshin (special throw)
*2MP 2MP (hit or block kara ex special throw)
inputs = 3MP 3MP 2146KK

*target combo MP 4MP 4HP FADC forward dash 2LP forward dash, tenshin
*Focus attack crumple, max delay, 2MP , delay, meaty shoulder LP cross down, you can link LP then.

about MK launcher, you can do it as meaty, or after a jump in HP, or after a well done dive kick
forward jump cancel HK, LP crossdown shoulder meaty, link with LP another combo.
you can not crossdown to with a small delay.
Do not work against reversals


*about tenshin, if the opponent is not mashing reversal, and you made a successfull tenshin, it can be a good idea to do another one if needed to place opponent in corner if needed to get a U1 (st.MP upkick EX U1)

*last easy one :
fake palm. best setup in my mind is:
go close, [2LP optional] target combo LP LK MP -> fake palm ->throw/tenshin

instant overhead
any jump LP or MP (harder)
for instance, after lunge punch EX (-1 on block), a lot of people will try to throw you, as a [noob] throw escape. jump backward with MP :slight_smile:

after back throw
Lk upkick to charge super

after forward throw (i use a lot of super charge moves there)
-dash forward twice, neutral jump MK =>safe jump (reversal > 3 frame)
-lk upkick, jump forward MK =>safe jump (reversal > 3 frame)
-mk shoulder, jump forward MK =>safe jump (reversal > 3 frame)
-shoulder LP, shoulder LP (charge super), then if you want, wake up throw/2LK/overhead/whatever, scare the opponent
-jump forward, jump forward, just before apex, LK dive kick, not cross up
-jump forward, jump forward, just after apex, MK dive kick, cross up

anti FA or break guard “high then low” like chun li
air = jump target combo 6LP HP
ground = MP HP 4HP

ways to land super
-hit confirm, then st.MP, then super
-special grab command throw, st.MP, shoulder LP, super

getting in :slight_smile:

check if you can outpoke with st.MP shoulder LP, and st.HK,
lot’s of neutral jump from far enough not to get hit by SRK or ryu st.HK
if opponent does a long recovery poke (else than LP & fast anti air…), dive kick, otherwise nothing, just remain threatening “do nothing, or else…”

when you get in, block => block string
*shoulder LP
*fake palm
*special throw
*block ^^ +throw escape

As i said, i’m not good at all, just the basics i learned


Thanks Neiburo I’ll definitely take those tips to heart when I’m practicing in the labs and when i’m in a match :slight_smile: right now I’m trying to get Yun’s combos down and I’m also learning the spacing of each dive kicks. What are good meaties for yun when he’s capitalizing on knockdowns and in general?

Thanks themortal for that mini yun comprehensive guide, definitely really help me out. I’m going to practice definitely practice most of the stuff on there. I gotta get better because I want to be able to do really well with yun lol.



Good post. Just a few things to discuss though.

As I said earlier, Medium upkicks whiffs on crouching opponents.

To add to this, the light shoulder should be hit confirmed with either a standing medium punch or crouching medium kick, so or xxx l.shoulder - if isn’t blocked then go into super.
Also I’d recommended to use light lunge punch after the heavy kick. If you use heavy you’ll end up going under your opponent which isn’t ideal for obvious reasons, you can use medium punch lunge I guess, but I find it easier with light.

Heavy Shoulder FADC ultra does work on some characters, but medium is the much better option. With Heavy shoulder you can end up using the ultra on the wrong side. Works best on projectile character that keep throwing them midrange when you have two ex bars/ultra bar. Just be warned, if you don’t space it right then even after you dash forward, the first hit of the ultra won’t connect (and you’ll probably be KO’d).

Can you elaborate on the “special throw 2MK LK upkicks”?
As for pokes, forward + heavy punch is one of my favourite pokes with Yun.


i edited my post to prevent the spread of information :slight_smile:

i added a fu*k yun vid for the special throw 2MK lk upkick ultra at 1:15

  • there is a nice super in corner sample
    +i added the fact that there are shenanigans with super in corner, end with a st.MK, then you may cross down or not with a shoulder for a reset into U1 without FADC. But i never did it yet, just saw it in vids, if someone finds a sample to add :slight_smile:

i forgot to talk about forward HP. It’s a nice poke too, but -8 on block, you can eat some ultra or super. I prefer to use this one and forward HK sparsely (but they are needed).

depends if the opponent does a lot of jump in as i said. 1st teach him not to jump in, then you can poke with this


That Ultra setup you posted a video of only works on certain characters. I tried it on Ryu and Sagat just now and it didn’t work (but tried Cammy first to make sure I was doing it right). With Ryu the light kicks miss him completely, with Sagat, both light upkicks hit him, so he can’t be further juggled with the ultra. I’m not sure the exact characters it works on but it’s not the whole cast.


There’s a list of Command Grab -> Ultra 1 setups in one of the Yun basics threads.

You can use f.hp as anti air to stop some crossup attempts and deep jump-ins.


@seigfried : sorry :slight_smile: i cannot play currently, carpial syndrome :confused: i just saw this video, i promised myself to try if i ever play again ^^ so yes, i didn’t check. Well now we know it’s character specific :slight_smile: quite usefull for those char, 2 hit only before damage reduce


Can anyone post any genei jin combos? I can’t find any 2012 genei jin combos at all on this forum and it’s kinda hard to catch what the yun players are doing when i watch their videos like poongko, kazunoko, and fu*k yun and I rather have them written down.


Midscreen st hk xx lp lunge > x3 > > fw. mk* > lp lunge > palm > hp lunge > sweep
*Usually I have my opponent cornered after the 3rd or 4th but incase they aren’t I do the lp lunge etc.
If you get your opponent cornered you could try to go for some palm loops but how many you can pull off depends on how far away you were from the corner when you activated your GJ. If you want to go for a sweep or launcher make sure you vary your combo so you have enough time.

Corner st hk xx lp lunge > palm > > palm > fw. mk > palm > lunge
After the lunge punch you could go for launcher, sweep or st.hp xx hk upkicks.

I’m sure there are better GJ combos out there.


Thanks Neiburo for the genei jin combos. I’ll definitely will be practicing these until I get used to doing genei jin combos and then I’ll be experimenting with different combos and creating my own :slight_smile:


the setup with grab commmand throw, 2MK -> lk upkick (1hit, the 2nd one) -> U1
works against cammy only

if you use 2LK instead of 2MK, it works against guile, vega, and a third one, i think it’s rufus.

with rose, use st.MP lk upkick, U1

that’s all i found. Still nice though :slight_smile:

mini guide updated with this, and some more stuff

usefull target combos, instant overhead, after throw section (charge your super, then safe jump, or charge your super and ground wake up mind game, and some more)


You should add Viper specific. I found that if you do at far range, LK up kick will hit once which mean you can combo into U1.

Like close range, s.lp xx lk upkick or commadn throw xx LK up kick will all hit only once. I tested it last week but unsure about the range required. Can some one tested it again?


slight guide update (resets, combo after U1)