Beginners beating the living **** out of me?

K for starters i play on the pc. When i go to fight against a new player (between 1gp and 100) they always almost win with lightning fast moves and well…i cant explain it.

But when i fight against people at my level, i win 7/10 of them (which is normal)

Is there some sort of cheat or button macro they might be using? I just got whooped by a 1gp and im over 800

  1. Points are meaningless. Realize this asap.

  2. You don’t know how to counter “beginner” tactics yet, such as repeated jump-ins and Shoryuken spam. “Better” players usually play more carefully, which means they won’t steamroll you and give you time to think and read them.

So to fix this:

  1. Learn how to counter dumb moves like jump-ins by getting your anti-airs down pat.

  2. Learn your basic punish combos to punish the gaping openings that are bound to present themselves.

  3. Learn to play with the sole intent of punishing unsafe moves, while giving your opponent no openings of your own. Bad players will throw unsafe moves with reckless abandon, allowing you to decimate them in a few combos if you’re patient.

  4. Learn to block.


I’d start in practice mode. Record what’s been going on, try to recreate the situation. You sound like you’re mildly familiar with this stuff so you could do it. The dreaded practice word is usually a killer however I think if you just record some stupid jump ins with characters and practice dragon punches or what have you first, you’ll conquer half the online community.

After that, go looking for the threads concerning who you want to play, then watch some youtube videos of how its done and what it looks like.

Oh and if you’re not sure how to block, hold back. Crouching block is down and back together. Remember this though, its like rock paper scissors. Standing blocks overhead punches and aerials but you can go down from lower attacks. Crouching block guards upper and lower but not over head so be careful and remember that.

One thing I found useful was to record an tireless assault of punches and kicks and guard as much as I could till I got it down.

800gp isnt a lot- you could also be playing better people with new or test accounts.

I play on my roomates computer from time to time and hes only around 100gp or something.

I meant how do you block?

and you’re 800 gp?

Why are you asking? I don’t get the joke.