Beginners do's and dont's for abel

Hey everyone, seeing rico suave play and strider 801 has inspired me to pick up abel. there are such good resources here to learn the character i was just wondering if anyone can help me with some beggining tips. like a good habit and bad habits list or something

If you are located in europe wen can play a little bit (PC or xbox, write me a PN).

A bad habit is (for me) step kicks out of range, if your opponent jumps, he gets a free punish. So always do it in range and with frame advantage (so they cant jump), so after a cr.lp or a hit or on block are good occasions for a step kick (use step kick as a frame trap).

come to think of it, after spending time with those guys, I never got back to Rico to see how he managed in his bracket :frowning:

i live in the california, so online probably wouldnt do it. but if anyone is down to play me and critique my abel im down to play

what part of california are you from?
If you’re near me in Socal, I’d be happy to help

im from south lake tahoe. its kinda of near sacramento and placerville

10 hours away, no dice :frowning:

My bad habit is trying to anti air with close standing heavy punch when I’m out of range and get far standing heavy punch instead (I hate that move with a passion)