Beginner's questions to practice in training mode


Hi, I’m new to SRK and I hope I will be able to find help around here.

I would like to finally become better at 2D fighting games. I started reading the book you can find on SRK (which is great) but I am having trouble with throw breaking :

  • if I ask the computer to do (1) dLP, dLP, walk, throw : it’s easy to break and it’s even possible to dragon the walk if I want to practice reversal ;
  • if I ask the computer to do (2) dLP, throw : still easy to break ;
  • now, if I give the computer the possibility to use both threats, I often get thrown by (2) because it is impossible to react (at least at my current level?).

Is there some kind of inputs that allow me to keep blocking and still manage to break the throw in case of (2)?
What if the opponent uses what is called (hope I’m not saying it wrong) a shimmy?

Thank you for your help.


In general for 2D fighters you don’t really have time to react to a throw happening and break it. Breaking throws is based on a read of a player’s tendencies and timing habits. It’s easy to break in the first two scenarios because you already know it’s coming.

In the case of a shimmy, those would get busted out as a way to exploit your own throw break habits.