Beginning Viper play with some issues

So I’ve actually been playing Viper for a few months now and I get wrecked pretty bad. Like out of 100 or so games, I only end up winning around 10 or so and I lose to retarded shit like Guile walking up and mashing LK, Vega spamming walldives and pretty much anything Ryu/Sagat does.

Part of it is because of my non-existent footsies game and the fact that I have no idea how to approach correctly with Viper. I tend to do lots of TK burning kicks as a bad habit and I end up getting thrown for doing that so I need to know a new way of getting close safely.

Another is because I cant seem to pressure correctly. Usually I end up doing st.LK x N > cr. MP > MP thunderknuckle (sometimes stopping to walk up and throw, but that doesn’t usually work) when i’m up close but I have no clue what to do afterwards or if I should be doing that in the first place.

I’d appreciate all the help anyone can give. People have said Viper players that start out lose a lot, but I’m starting to think I’m losing a bit too much. :crybaby:

I main Dan so I’m right there with you man. Nothing to contribute other than watch some zids and take notes… also thinking of picking her up, tried a few times and foresee a rocky road ahead, so I’m curious to see the replies.

I am no expert Viper, but I do have an observation for you. Check out the tier rankings.

First of all, do not think I am saying that just because Viper is not top tier that you shouldn’t play her (I main Gief - also middle tier). BUT, notice how Viper moves from the oldest rankings, when the game hadn’t been out long, to the newest rankings. She almost continually moves up - that tells me that she’s a decent character, but one that is very complex to learn. And unlike Gief, who can do ok when you’re not a master because of other virtues (massive health), Viper has trouble until you’re at a much higher skill level.

SO, what I’m trying to say is that your losing may not be unusual. And if you want to main Viper, stick with it.

Here’s a video of a decent Viper. Like I said - I don’t know much about her gameplay - but from what I do notice, the player does a few things wrong. There’s a hit-confirm combo that (LOOKS LIKE - I don’t know her combos), xx light TK. And the player continually finishes the combo when Ryu is blocking - and usually gets punished for it.


edit: had the combo wrong. Still not positive it’s what the player is doing.

I laughed when I read this because I went through the same shit when I decided to learn Viper. Yes, Viper is a tough 1st character to learn. What helped me was to learn what other characters can do first, and then adapt how you play towards those matchups. I dont care how many combos you can do. If you’re losing to’s, you dont understand how this game works.

In the case of the Guile that lk spammed, after 5 or so he’d jump forward which I’d punish with HP thunderknuckle. But after that i’m left at a neutral position unsure of how to approach.

A guile walking forward spamming lks should be easy - a seismic hammer should take him down in a hurry. And I’ve seen videos of Vipers that will do a hammer twice in a row - I’m assuming that it’s because the opponent will block the first, go for a reversal, and get nailed by the second. If the guile catches on, start faking.

Viper is tough to learn, mostly because she has pretty awful normals and low health. The lack of a decent dp-like reversal doesn’t help much either, so you either need to be making them block or get really good at blocking yourself (and breaking throws! I can’t stress that enough). Viper doesn’t really have many real block strings (lk > lk > mp being one of the few I can think of) so you have to train your opponent to not reversal every single time they block one of your moves. Viper is really frustrating to play as, especially online. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost to stupid shit on XBL, but you just have to learn from it and keep on playing.

If people like to turtle and hold down back try feinting your normals and mixing in some throws and overheads. The overhead doesn’t do much damage but once someone gets hit with it a few times they usually start getting desperate, and then you can really start messing with them. If you throw them you get to start her mixup game all over again.


Haha, I’ve watched that interview and all it did was made my patience for her greater.

i also would love to learn viper. from what i know, you have to be really aggressive with the flame kicks and super jumps. aside from that, you also gotta learn the fakes and superjumps

I dont have much to add but I do wanna say that threads like these are the reason why Saikyo dojo was a good idea.

But not predictable…

My issue is execution and speed. Need more of it…

I think the one thing I really need to work on are her crossup burning kicks. I browsed through the Viper thread a bit and the way to get a really low sjc BK is :qcb::uf:K right?

What kick button do I use for that (I assume you choose a different one depending on spacing?) and are there any tips to pulling off that input?

Is that a good or bad thing? :rofl:

That’s an instant BK. Goes a short distance, but it’s really close to the ground. Good for building meter and crossing up people close to you on wake-up. If you want your BK to travel further, a.k.a a super low SJ BK, you have to input it fairly fast.

For the instant BK you mentioned, I do the:qcb: motion, then :uf:+K separately. For a super low BK that travels a good distance I do it this way: :qcf::uf::qcb:+K. There are other ways of doing it though.