anybody know what is the fastest and best way to get good. I’ve been playing live now and im getting slaughtered alll day long!!!

This. If you aren’t patient, you won’t learn and observe as much as you could have.

What character do you use? You should participate in your character’s SRK board. Learn what their most valuable tools are and practice their fundamentals. Go through different matchups and try to read the opponents patterns and playstyle during a match.

1# Get advice on mind games.

( mind game - deliberate actions of calculated psychological manipulation intended to intimidate or confuse (usually for competitive advantage); “football players try to play mind games with the opposition”; “the jeweler’s mind game is to convince lovers that the size of a gemstone reflects the depth of their feelings” )

2# That’s all you need to know besides input to be an overall good player.

(* input* ( ) n. Something put into a system or expended in its operation to achieve output or a result, especially: Energy, work, or power used to drive. )

3# Find out all the bull shit that makes things more towards guessing that affects the game more then the player often making strategy into guessing**. At the bare minimum be able to use it to your advantage and some defense when dealing with it.

(* bullshit* ( ) Vulgar Slang . n. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language. Something worthless, deceptive, or insincere. )

Get good fast?

Buy DoA and just play it.

mhm. HOURS, upon hours. I know this all too well :(… but im pretty good now imo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What the above posts have been saying.

I myself am a victim of getting trounced online by better players. But everyone is right: The more you play the better you get. Soon, you’ll see the mistakes you’re making and learn to correct them, sometimes even during a round. Also, taking your lumps is really all that bad when you take out the “Win at all costs” attitude, like I once did. I played Akuma for a while and lost 12 straight matches in ranked! I got salty big time, but I realized winning matches doesn’t help, learning from them does.

Is there a guide that properly gives you at least the basic idea of mind games or are they all worthless input combos and learn from your losses type crap? Either way your right, it doesn’t matter how good a player is in any other game, if they don’t know the bull shit in a new game they’ll end up getting piled with it every match.

There shouldn’t be a reason to getting owned unless you relied on anything besides mind games and require something game breaking.

Got back on live for the first time in six months and grate news!! I got owned, lol. I say that this is great because it gives me a reason to play really heavy again. Where im at i play the same people all the time. So for the most part i know what there gonna do and there strategies. Now that im back on live i can play other people. Anyone wanna practice or spar?!?! Hit me up on live. Ill help you with what i know and perhaps you might know a few things that i dont!!

Didn’t read a lot of the other posts but decided to throw my two cents in. I can’t lie and say I was a FG wizard since day one – actually only cared about fighting games once vanilla SF4 dropped. I stayed away from any online play and found myself to prosper greatly from it. My best friend is my utmost rival currently and matches get really intense quickly, whereas a few years before I’d get slaughtered no questions.

First, I’d say pick someone who suits you as a person. Someone definitely able to be the personification of you, and yet will be able to hold down matches (pretty even on the match-up grid). From there, just utilize training mode and learn your arsenal. Develop muscle memory and get inputs down to a science. It won’t be easy to get better and there’s no easy suppliment to make you a FG god. I’d stay away from online play – yes, losing a lot reevaluates your gameplay and makes you strive for more with hopes of a different outcome, but playing online people are only worried about their precious rank so will spam habitually, deafening your confidence pretty quickly. Mind games as mentioned before, should just develop. Learning other characters or at least noticing their move list will help you with mind games, and how to lure people out. Play the game as much as you can, and make the other person believe you’ll do a move or notion that you’ll actually do something compeletly different or opposite to throw them off. Little tricks can be petty but prove useful (dashing left and right, not like a moron, but mid-range while no strikes have been thrown out yet) on a grand scale of things.

Of course, there’s a plethora of sites for your arsenal, and watching tourney play of your favorite character will give you an insight into how that player can be used, although I wouldn’t suggest trying to bite off that person (i.e. ripping Valle’s footsies game or trying to at least…), just explore the characters limitations and piece things together little by little. Even seeing a BnB online in a stream, can poise you to go ahead and try the littlest combo and voila! You can branch off from there, make that move part of your main offense and rush-down, reversal, whatever you want. It’s all movement, timing, mental, and how you apply it all.

You could actually play the game itself

nah that’s insane, who’d do that.

You started off somewhere too, be a little empathetic.

Telling someone that the way to improve the fastest is the actually play the game?
I’m sorry if that offends anyone, apparently I’m being too harsh…

find a top player

force him to move into an apartment with you in the middle of nowhere

with no other alternatives, he teaches you how to play to beat boredom

maybe one day you actually pose a challenge

Actually, it’s been my experience that just playing the game by itself doesn’t do much for your skill. I’ve been playing fighting games since my parents bought me X-Men COTA for my Saturn back when I was a kid, and I was able to beat all my friends at it largely by virtue of being the only one to figure out how to do special moves. I honestly thought I was awesome at fighting games right up until I first got Street Fighter IV - the first fighter I was able to play online - and couldn’t climb out of the 3-400 PP range. In all that time I had never gotten beyond the basics, in terms of both execution and strategy. Now that I’ve actually watched some videos and learned a bit more about how fighters are really supposed to be played… well, I still suck, but I have my moments now.

Which, really, is just like anything you do that requires skill. Every once in a while you may see a guitar player who learned completely on his own and still rocks out on it, but most people will have some sort of guidance along the way to pick up the techniques they might have never discovered on their own. But of course, if you never pick up the guitar, you never learn how to apply those techniques.

It was your condescending statements, and dull-mannered sarcasm. You could’ve just told him to explore other game modes instead of being a dick about it. J’saying – not harsh to me, but keep in mind this is a section for people trying to advance and aforementioned people don’t need your elitist attitude. Tough concept, I know…let it sink in that skull of yours.

I’m apparently “looking down” on someone because I’m sarcastic? I didn’t know sarcasm was elitism.
You’re really representing a whole community of people poorly now.

I’m representing no one, I’m just saying it wasn’t needed. You can drag this out however much you’d like, point is you’re not funnier/cooler/anything you imagined your narcissistic self to be by saying dumb, non-witty statements like that. Just cause you’ll be combative/defensive about what you say doesn’t mean it might not mean something else to SOMEONE ELSE. Think about it.

Take it to PMs you two. The newbie dojo isn’t the place for it.

The best way to get good quickly is to regularly practice with people not only are better than you, but who also play the game well.

Try looking in the regional matchmaking section.

We went from sarcasm to narcissism, elitism, and being "funnier/cooler/anything"
I just don’t see how today’s society does it. Maybe it’s the group of people you represent. I don’t know what it is. It seems you can’t even be sarcastic in a modern world without someone who is too dull to understand it getting offended.

If so I deeply apologize, I sincerely wish you were able to understand what I said.

Yeah, I was able to beat my friends but when I went online where there are a vast majority of different skill levels I got creamed.