Behind the Online Handle (Picture Thread)

Thought it would be neat to have a thread for anyone who feels comfortable enough to post a picture of themselves so everyone knows who’s behind your Handle.

Here are a few pictures of myself.

I will usually look like one of:

Thinking face.

(that’s me middle if you can’t tell from the first picture).


Beard looks wonky but it actually isn’t, girlfriend just can’t take good photos!

Manny and I watching Aquasilk play HZY at ECT3

So we’re actually not 80 years old. =)

Guess the arcade:

And a long time ago:



It’s a blurry picture, but I like it.

(obviously I’m not Justin Wong)

Wow, we have some pocket Gen players in here.
J.Scogz, your main is spelt G.E.N. Not Yan/Haw/Bla :smiley:

was googling cvs2 and found this lol…old schooo

What makes you think this?

Snaaaake, is that Skisonic?


other cvs2-celebrities are steveh, bmorechun, paulwall-E, tonybizzle, superbatmin(wtflol), gavin, etc etc

you guys are posting in the GEN forum…

LMFAO wow…

I basically post from the “active threads” at the top… I had no idea I was in the Gen forum. LMAO

I posted in activate thread too

fuck GEN lolol

Now’s a good time to join the GEN army.

Here’s me in Gen’s backyard, revealing myself as his secret grandson.

Here I’m studying the book he wrote on the secrets of the Crane and Mantis. I was told I’m to be his successor of both his restaurant and his fighting styles. I hope I do well.

Edited for better lighting:

Im the one on the right… :smiley:

I’m the one with buckskin jacket

Messiah’s excuse of a thread to post pictures of himself look at the horizon, and leg tats.
I call shenanigans on that shit.

Anyway, here’s me with the ladies from the MK ads looking like an idiot:

And here’s one where I’m not surrounded by mammary glands:

it seems the Gen community is in truth less “nerdy” than most people think. Lol

I could moon the camera if you’d like…