Behind the Online Handle (Picture Thread)

I thought this was the gay hookup thread at first,i was finnin to post up.
Then i saw it was gen and now i know it’s just gay.

For the record i’m kidding you bunch of thin skinned bitch’s.

One the GF just took of me.

And one from a year ago when i was still on teh juice.

No no it’s a gay hookup, that’s why you still posted here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Power top for the record.

As long as there power who cares the position. lol

Dude, you have that Frank West swag going on. “Level up!!”

Cool Thread. Here are a few of me

Im the guy who asks a bunch of questions. and usually gets answered :slight_smile:

Suit up!

I still have much to learn about gen. But I will not give up! Its gets hard sometimes but the old man is too much fun.

Thats me when am not playing Gen and scheming to take over the world

this is me trying to cram it out playing on street fighter and any other fighting game learning anything i can.

Where’d You get the 汉服? Looks like quite good tailor work… I struggle to find good ones!

I got them online through here:

Apparently they don’t ship outside of China, but you may still get them delivered to you through an “agent” service here:

From vacation with friends who also draw stuff and the lucky visit of Ono and Harada here in Hamburg.