Behind the scenes of SF4

“Capcom?s Street Fighter series, a pioneer in the fighting game genre, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Released across many platforms, the franchise is a worldwide hit with over 500,000 arcade units and 27 million copies of the home software sold so far. The series? latest title, Street Fighter IV, was developed as part of a project to mark this 20-year milestone. After almost a decade since the release of its last installment, Street Fighter III, fans around the world greeted the new arrival with great anticipation. The arcade version was released in June 2008, followed by versions for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment systems in February 2009.”

Do you all think Dash will sell as well?Nearly as well?

That is all street fighters for all home consoles combined, that’s why they say “the franchise”.
I guess SF4 is more in the 3 million region.

SFIV compared to SFIII new generation: quite the same, needs to be worked upon more.

SFIV Dash will not sell more than SFIV, the reason because SFIV was a hype. People that never played a fighting game, just bought SFIV because they had nothing better to do, whe call that casual players. Casual players will never buy a ‘updated’ version. Pro evolution soccer fans will buy their game every year, Gear of War fans will do the same.

SF4 CE will definitely not sell as much… let’s just hope enough folks buy it in order to keeping new games coming afterwards. It will get a decent amount of sells though. Just nothing to get excited about.

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My guess is that Capcom already had a SF4.2 planned, but since Street Fighter hasn’t been a mainstream game for awhile, they decided to test the waters with SF4 to see if people still remember/enjoy the game. I enjoy SF4, but I’m pretty sure they made it in such a way for people to want more.

They need to call the next one Street Fighter 5 and wait a good while for the console release so people get hype again. I call this the “Tekken formula”

I wonder if SF4:Dash will utilize DirectX11 shaders for the PC version.

haha yeah i agree. if people see SF4 hyper turbo edition causal players are going to be like whatever. but if they see Street fighter 5 they’re gonna be like “HOLY SHIT A BRAND NEW STREET FIGHTER GAME.” the casual players may be looked down on here but they decide if the games going to sell 3 million + or 300,000.

The problem is this:

Tekken 6 will be released on home console when it’s the revision already.Namco had that luxury since the franchise didn’t miss a beat and it’s enjoying a strong following in europe/korea/japan.

SF has been missing in action for years,so Capcom wanted to test the water with IV.They couldn’t wait until a revision to release it to home console and they weren’t even sure if they could even make it to a SF IV dash. :lol: IV simply need a revision,if only to bring the arcade version up to par and further develop the console exclusive characters and rebalance Guile,Claw and Sagat.

Make a second version of IV and it should be solid enough to last for years,perhaps becoming a timeless classic(probable).If IV become as good as it can be,the wait for V will be insignificant and there will be no need to rebuild a fanbase. :wgrin:

Man the more I play SF4 the more it feels raggedy. It’s just all the little things that you wouldn’t expect to see in such a highly regarded series such as Street Fighter that brings it down.

Minor shit like missing out theme tunes/levels for half the cast (where my Barcelona at), shitty title screen music, shitty menus, and a serious lack of Thunder Hawk.

The game itself is solid, but the package needs polish man.

I know it’s been said again and again and again, but I don’t think Capcom were 100% serious with this version of SF4. I think Dash is gonna right some wrongs and breathe new life into this.

This is nuts… I’m learning all these software packages in school right now. Makes me want to learn more powerfully.

Eventually you will become jaded, like myself, and start noticing all the weird mesh distortions like Gief’s head getting huge during air headbutt. :lol:

JK. About being jaded. Not Gief head. That’s just strange. They still did a good job making the transition. It’s a tough concept and I initially expected them to go full on cell shaded to pull it off. I know some people don’t like the look they went with, but I think it’s a unique approach.

Hold that thought for a second. “I don’t fucking care that you want 2D. That you wanted high resolution Alpha sprites. That they should take a note from Guilty Gear/BlazBlu/Lolifighters. Traditional 2D sprites would have been cool, but fucking cliche in comparison.”

Sorry. I sensed a weeaboo writing a response to my good job comment.

It looks like they used traditional skinning techniques for rigging. I’m not sure if they used morph targets for the facial animations or if they went with some third party middleware program like image metrics.

They mention using mocap for extended scenes. There’s definitely a difference in quality with the animations between cut scenes and fighting. I wish they used better blending techniques for canceling animations during the fight though. the drop in quality when going from cutscene to fighting animations is really noticeable.

it’s a little confusing because they use the same graphics quality in both instances.I understand the interpolation algorithms in a real fight at 60fps can’t be as subtle as say morph targets in a cut scene, but something to reflect the continuity of quality between situations would help create a deeper suspension of disbelief.

Looks like they used max for most of the background work. Sweet. they baked in radiosity? I don’t like radiosity, looks cheap like a hooker. But I understand their reasoning as it’s fast and cheap. I wish they would have used mental ray to bake the color bleeding in. I imagine the development cycle didn’t allow enough time though since MR takes more individual attention on a per object basis. Maybe next time.

Nothing crushes your blissfull optimism like your 5th week of 100+ hours. With 60% of those hours not being on your paycheck.

Ah, the wonderful free perks of working at EA :slight_smile:

A couple of my coworkers worked there before and that pretty much sums up how they described it as well. Except a lot more outsourcing.

Ubisoft actuallly. It’s pretty much the same all over though. A few small studies get out of it, but I like making big games.

I’m from the classical animation biz…and am kinda jaded from that. I was hoping to spice up my love life with art with some 3D training. It’s… okay so far.

This is probably true. Also, some people won’t buy a game when the sequels come out less than a year apart. I never bought any tony hawk games, sports titles, because there was always a newer version coming out. This also killed my interest with Epics Unreal Franchise. Some platformer games like sonic. I stopped playing sf2 at ST. I only played one splinter cell game.

But as time passes my interest for certain franchises grows. If a developer can prove that they actually took the time to make something fresh and new and not rehash their previous success, then I will look into it.

Assuming it’s headed to arcade first, SSFIV isn’t likely to hit the console for quite a while. If the arcade version were to hit early next year, I’d be surprised if this dropped on console before next year fall.