Behold, I Give You SHIT

Poop, is sexy…

its an ambush!!!

Foop the Hoop, Don’t Touch the Poop


That shit is top tier. Almost looks like this forum. Just joking.

thanks for sharing that with us Gam

especially since I was eating red beans and rice at the time.

I just realized something.

I know you as Gammon on the forums, and I know you in real life as Chad, but I never made the connection that you were the same person until finally today when I looked at the e-mail list for the fighting game club and saw your email. Wow…for some reason, I really think it shouldn’t have taken so long to figure that out… :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a logo for the club last night, tell me what you think:

So the Juice Speaks the Truth

OMFG… your name is Ron, you go to SCAD, you ( as CHAiNwhore ) told me you did and you even came to my god damn room to play GGXX and I see you every other day and I still didn’t know it was you. Now I feel like a massive douche.

BTW, looking back at your Iori sketch that was coool.

The logo is cool and it fits the club perfectly but its lacking something… I dunno. The CF seems to stand out too much in the logo. I would try and mess with it myself, BUT I am a fucking lazy sissy pants.

Try and integrate the CF into the logo more somehow, all-in-all it’ll do the trick! :cool:

That one good looking shit.:smiley: