behold, strider/sent/commando

For a few weeks now i’ve been thinking of using this team, for fun atleast. The main reason i wanted to try it was because… Once you play sent/commando, its hard to go back to sent/doom. and well, strider is a total badass, and with his teleports and what not you never know when you might trick someone and hit them with commando assist.

I kind of started it off wrong, and i was playing at an arcade with shitty sticks, and there was a rotation going on, so i only tried this team once and lost, i didn’t want to have to wait 10 minutes between each “Try” of this team. I also played it wrong to a degree, letting sentinel die is BAD, and i’m not very good to begin with but let’s move on.

I felt i was trying to combine my main 2 teams too much (clockw0rk and santhrax), but after watching the recent videos put up, and watching clock play strider/sent/commando, it inspired to to make this thread for feed back. Another reason was (i think we’ve all seen this shit), strider/sent isn’t half bad when doom gets assist infinited, i’ve seen some people come back with that shit.

For starters, you are PROBABLY going to want to start strider, as you NEED sent alive to do a decent trap. I started sent, didn’t think about switching him out let him die, and well, strider/commando kind of sucks.

If you want to start sent, which is smart, as sent/commando is the shit, and you can get some bar for strider, be my guest, just make sure you can get sent out there with a decent amount of health so he doesn’t die when he’s assisting.

Perks of sent over doom…

Sent’s assist comes out all the time at the back of the screen, and doesn’t get beaten nearly as much as doom does by psylocke and cyclops.

you can do TWO sent calls pretty much all the time, 2 sent calls while ouroboros is going is pretty good chip, i dont know if its as good as 1 doom chip with rocks spinning then rocks releasing, but whatever.


Sent is needed on point if strider dies fast of course, vs doom who you could almost freely call.

Sent doesn’t pin as long, making full screen traps much harder to hold onto.


Commando gives this team the MUCH needed anti air against those storm and mag rushdowns, as those 2 can beat doom a lot also by sticking out attacks.

Strider’s air combos do more damage as you can hit command assist right as you launch for pretty beefy damage.

And well, if strider dies, you still got sent/commando, which is as stated, absolutely ballin’

I’m gonna try this team more when i get some casuals going or when there isn’t as long of a line at the places i play, but yeah any thoughts/comments/whatever go ahead. Gonna post this in general strat to see if i can get more feedback.

Good idea for a team.

I never thought of this combination, although seeing how Strider/Sent isn’t half bad, this is a good idea.

When Strider can do damage with an assist (like Commando or Tron), he can actually survive without Doom. He just needs to be able to do that damage when it counts.

BTW, don’t forget to use Strider’s c. fierce. In many instances, it’ll work better than Commando due to angle and the fact that it’s nearly impossibly to beat with the point char. Call commando (that’ll protect your front), then c. fierce if Mag blocked commando and decides to go Triangle jump happy. It works!

I’ve beaten the best players in FL with this team for quite some time now. Its pretty good once your strider is @ the point where he doesn’t need doom to be effective. and from what clock has told me, he used this team to beat combofiends mag\im\psy squad @ a recent tournament.

IMO, its vital that you can instant overhead above average. Calling mando+instant overhead is hella life. You do shit like, activate, call mando, jupfwd+lk,, rejump series for big life.

activate, s.fp+sentinel, dog, s.fp, dog, s.fp+sent, dog over and over till your bar runs out. This will put out about 10-15% chip w\o doom. Not only does this do decent chip, it builds bar @ the exact same time while you trap and it leaves strider in the perfect position with this squad. Full screen with the option to do something else.

if you get a chance to counter call with mando, delay, rh bomb, activate, throw rings, teleport, bomb hits, jupfwd+fp+mando, jupfwd+rh, delay srk+p will do around 70% to a helper. More if you can get all the hits to reset properly.

starting strider in this fight means you get to use him twice. while he’s on point, let him dump all the bar he wants. Then when you need to get bot in because strider is low on life, activate, bomb, throw rings, tag. This makes your order sent\strider\cap now and when sent builds bar back up, your dhc will put strider back in the game with another shot to do damage.

activate, s.lp to get a pin, call mando, jupfwd. When you time this properly @ different times it becomes invisible 50\50. You can do a hi\hi on both sides while mando is pillar is out there leaving strider invisible for a hit during orbs for good life. Very good orb pressure.

personally, this team is more zoning for me. Clock says he plays the squad a lot like his s\d variation. Normally when I play s\d in general I’m very offensive. On this team, I tend to zone more because whats the point of staying in close when you don’t have orbs. A majority of your tools outside of orbs leave you @ an advantage full screen. I find that many people don’t like it when strider is controlling huge amounts of space due to orbs+capcom. Its very easy to pick off someone for picking a stupid position then once they get frustrated because there’s litterally no where to dodge him, people just start getting hit.

as a 3 man unit, the team functions very well. However, the real question should be, how effective is strider\mando or mando\strider for that matter. All though not impossible to win with, you lose a great bit of your team chemistry when sentinel dies. imo, this is where ssd has the advantage. As long as strider is alive, it doesn’t mattter what assist of the 2 he has left. As long as its one of them, he has a shot no matter what. I’ve made 250% comebacks vs great players with just strider\sent.

yeah i need to test the team out more, and def that instant overhead is tits. I also play a very offensive strider, because well, hes about 10x more fun that way, teleporting almost every chance you get, looking down with doom WITHOUT orbs, then activating after you’ve built like half a bar, all good stuff. Just sucks when you get an offensive teleport into a cyke assist into a sent Fast fly combo, but that’s beside the point.

But yeah that’s the main problem i saw with the team, strider/commando, even with instant overhead and shit, that stuff isn’t always gonna work. Strider/mando has a lot of trouble dealing a lot of damage in certain situations, and the fact that you gotta start strider could mean insta deaths to a lot of top 4 when he doesn’t have bar.

like stated when i played, and i lost sent because it was my first time playing the team in a match, once sent died i was like “OH FUCK”, normally it’s not as big a deal cause of Strider/doom, but i totally forgot that i needed sent, and when i let him die, it was pretty bad. Strider has some cool pressure and stuff, but he does have a bit of trouble dealing damage with mando only. I didn’t do the instant overhead as much as i wanted to though, but that shit will only be super effective in the perfect world. I would need to give it another go after reading and watching all this shit.

This has been a viable team for a while. I’d say its biggest strength are its mindgames and countercalling capabilities. Storm gets fucked hard if she goes to the air because you can teleportXXcommando or commandoXXteleport. Magneto can’t call psylocke at all because she loses half her life if she’s blocked. Sentinel needs to literally hold back because if he’s not at least 3/4ths of a screen away, he will get tagged by commando. It all comes down to this: Nobody can really stop Strider from calling commando whenever he wants except for Cable.

This team generally does very well against any Mag/Psy based team and does okay against teams built around a Cyke AA. It has a tough match against any team that has Cable second or other Sent/Commando based teams. I rarely use it in tournament play because I already have enough confidence in my Sent/Strider/Doom against Mag/Psy and Matrix anyway. But I’m not afraid to bring it out if I need to mix it up.

back when i was just getting good, clock beat me fuckin 40 in a row with this shit

fuckin stupid ass team

that’s some sick stuff dude.

I am gonna steal this when I counter call with Cable-AAA on my Strider/Cable/Tron team… damn.

This whole time I’ve been doing counter call, activate orbs, teleport to catch them on the way down… but never thought about doing a bomb into that and then comboing the assist into the assist again… wow. And if their point can’t stop it, this can be some devastating stuff. I wonder if there’s a way to work in another bomb or make it uncombo more consistently, as this has got to be one of the cheaper aspects of strider that doesn’t seem used too much (nailing their assist while pinning their point down… it’s almost like an AHVB in that sense).

Awesome stuff man.

strider\cable\doom kills a full assist with counter call cable AA for the cost of 1 bar, delay rh bomb, cancel activate, throw rings, high teleport cancel and move the assist to your back, orbs are ending call doom, lk bomb will reset and kill.

If for some reason the bomb gets comboed instead of being a reset, c.fp, bird, activate, jupfwp.fp, jupfwd.rh should kill right there.

strider\cable ron can’t do the reset juggle @ the end right there like doom could or @ least not very easily. Instead of doing the 2nd reset bomb, reset early with tron after the first bomb maybe something like,

counter call cable AA, delay RH bomb, activate orbs and throw a few, high teleport, bomb hits, jupfwd+fp and get it to reset right here, s.lp+tron, s.fp, s.rh, dog should kill an assist but the trick is keeping the assist in front of you but there in lies a problem.

If the assist is in front of you, you can’t throw rings to zone off the screen which is why the s\c\d one is slighty safer to do. The one I posted wouldn’t be safe against storm\cable unless you’re willing to trade some life for a dead helper which is something to consider. Maybe you can take the idea and run w\ it. I’m positive a few slight modifications could make it 100% safe.

good info man. I’ll have to try it out some more.

BTW if assist is caught behind you and orbs are ending, how can you bring the assist being juggled in front of you? I suppose the only way is to try to teleport behind while orbs are going. I tried juggling on a lion repeatedly, but the assist seems to get lost when it’s about to bounce on strider himself (slowly the assist is getting bounced forward on the lions you keep calling, but never to being fully in front of strider).

Or maybe I just have to practice some more.

With killing with 1 counter call, so you’re saying if MSP start with c. short +psy, c. forward, you block and counter with Cable-aa so that both Mag and Psy go up into the air, that Psy is going to die if Mag decides to come back down (as opposed to do tempest at the top to keep psy off the screen)? that is some seriously sick stuff. Strider/Doom/Capcom or Strider/DoomCable is 100x deadlier with an assist kill like that!

yup, I’ve dropped AA’s within the first few seconds of a round before. What really sucks is when you hit point and their assist into the air with a counter call cable AA because they can’t do much to fuck up your attempt on their helper.

I may play around with this team a bit. Just at a complete half-assed attempt I managed to rack up about 12 wins against random people today with it. My Strider has never quite been the same since Strider/Doom/Commando stopped being a top tier team; Clock’s team never has quite agreed with me. Strider/Sent/Commando, though… Sent/Commando’s obviously good, the chip with drones and dogs isn’t bad and you don’t even have to worry too badly about dropping your assist at point blank to get the maximum effect, and Sentinel’s drones plus Commando is a good protection scheme for basically anyone from the rush. I don’t know that this team is going to make me stop using Sent/BH teams or anything… but it’s got potential.

and definitely give Shoultzula’s assist kill a try.

It’s not as complicated as it may sound. Basically, CC or Cable-AAA will launch their assist to the upper end of the opposite side and the assist falls down. Now, just as you would punish with Sent HSF, this time do bomb xx activate orbs, throw some rings, then teleport. Their assist gets uncombo’d falling into your orbs and can be easily pinned between the wall and your back.

it’s really a piece of cake and makes me want to give Strider/AAA/Doom, Strider/Sent/AAA, and Strider/AAA/Tron teams a serious look again. It’s really similar to AHVB on their assist since their point is pinned down by your donuts, too.

really awesome stuff. I admit I overlooked that assist kill the first time I went through the Strider strategy thread… but it’s a real gem if you try it (game changing IMO, but it requires Strider to have an AAA that takes them to the top of the screen). I mean imagine near-killing an assist (namely mag/aaa) everytime you have 1 bar and you block their assist. And if their point doesn’t get hit, just activate orbs and forgo the bomb, do teleport and work from there

Well, whether or not that particular variant of assist kill is all that hard to do or not, there’s another factor in here. One thing I found yesterday was that when I have Sentinel and Commando both around to back up Strider, he isn’t nearly as hungry to consume the meter at his earliest opportunity. Animal farm and drones is enough of a pain to get around by itself, with the orbs as a backup plan if it looks like they’re starting to figure it out, along with judicious teleport attacks into sweep/Commando/animal, that burning the meter on constant orbs in a manic effort to do chip damage more or less disappeared into a secondary tactic. This would tend to lend itself to a lot more aggressive assist killing tactics in general, and not necessarily even worrying too hard about whether or not you get them in just one meter. I mean, what stops Strider from just hammering them with Commando once, catching them with orbs on the way down in an uncombo, and since you’ve got the uncombo you just hammer them with Commando again at the end and teleport back and forth with this until the assist character’s dead?

he basically nailed the team chemistry on the head. There is no reason to activate to chip since its not exactly a doom chip output. You want to save bar and only use it when an opportunity arises on the assist or stop the point from interacting with strider’s zone game. Keep rush down away from him.

but any team can be played any way and still be able to win. Now effectively speaking, some strats might be worse than others but I find that zoning with strider\sent\capcom is much more effective. The rush down teleport crap is much more effective with doom because of how long the opponent is kept in block stun for not to mention all the different kinds of momentums you can get out it to force switch sides from falling teleport angles.

Its important to mention that strider can build bar like a mad man on this squad by running away. If you get 2 bars, ground magic series, s.fp, animal super, dhc HSF is an awesome poke tool for quick life.

not a god damn thing. Over the years, I’ve found out that there are multiple assist kills with strider team variations. Its all about how you manipulate the damage and maintain screen control.

but if you do catch point+assist in a mando\cable AA call, I don’t think there’s a better option than bomb, activate because the opponents point really can’t do much to interfere w\ it and the reset bomb+mando again is really easy for 70% life right off the bat. If you fuck up the rest of the assist kill combo, you’ve already done a huge amount of damage.

However, counter call mando, activate, teleport, mando again does some solid life, you can fuck yourself up because its a tad bit more complicated. The assist has to be in front of you otherwise mando won’t hit them as part of the reset after the first mando AA. This means that the assist is absorbing the rings which means that there is no orbs to interact with the point which will cost you vs storm\cable and the whole process of manipulation to make sure it works properly can result in a dropped assist. A lot more has to be done to make sure it damages properly which can result in a mistake and who really wants a dead ninja.

Interestingly this is exactly how I am playing Strider/Tron and getting decent results (10 game winstreak the other day and several OCVs). Like you guys are mentioning, I pull out orbs mostly to avoid rushdown or try to mess up their assist, or if I really want to aggressively go for Strider/tron teleport crossup and overhead mixup. But by no means does Strider need orbs for many, many situations.

Half the time, something as simple as this works:
You see Storm coming down from a sj and you see she is attempting for landing sj. fierce, sj. rh, c. short, etc. etc., I just simply call Tron (or sent-g or cc) and teleport behind and hey, if Storm blocks it, that’s fine, I now get free ground chain into orbs if I want complete safety… but repeated damage attempts with Tron assist (or Capcom or Sent-g assist) can often be good enough that Strider really doesn’t even need a full meter to be a really decent threat.

I’m really liking Strider in first position… and that hasn’t been seriously played since Strider/Doom/CC back when Valle brought it up. That’s great you guys are bringing some variety back to MvC2 … and that’s the biggest problem with MvC2 today, as I see it.

That actually works as a DHC? I assume you’re talking about, like, bird XX legion DHC HSF, or something else? If that sort of thing worked that would be pretty disgusting too.

Okay, I’m posting before testing here, but I remember one game of my own years ago (and seeing another with Valle on video) with Strider/Doom/Commando where they killed off an opposing point character with orbs with an assist character hung on the screen behind Strider. You can then back into the assist character with the orbs, call Doom as they’re about to go away. He’ll come out behind both you and the other player’s assist, the rocks bounce the other assist character up over your head in front of you, and then you can just launch them to death. Using a similar method, I’d think you could do the same thing with Commando and sandwich the other assist in there and then just have your way with them. Maybe Commando doesn’t act the same way as Doom though because he’s smaller, I don’t (presently) know…

Clock used Strider/Sent/Commando in a tournament about a week ago. You guys might be interested in these vids if you haven’t seen them already:

Orbs into Sentinel infinite into drones into more orbs is evil. Makes me wish I could do infinites worth a damn.

The reason doom works right there is because his rocks cover front and behind him. If strider has the assist to his back and he’s against or close the wall midscreen, it won’t work. Mando will jump in front of strider never making contact with the assist. If you’re like midscreen it works iirc.

yes sir

s.fp, animal super, quick cancel hsf

if you got the timing down, you can slightly delay the animal super so that HSF still combo’s and the animals will still come out.

Interesting. Will have to keep that in mind before I try using it all.

Interesting. That’s kind of what I already do with BH/Sent/Commando DHCs from BH to Sentinel. This would probably be even uglier if it would work off of, say, hitting someone with orbs when you’ve got two extra meters or more, maul them until orbs run out, then instead of pokes into launch you do pokes into st. fierce XX legion DHC HSF. Even if you only got one HSF off of that, that’d probably hurt a bunch. Then Sentinel could go into a Santhrax-like “build the meter and protect the lead for potential DHC back around to Strider” midgame mode, into orbs replacing hail, possibly with Commando doing a captain storm in order to put the orbs on them at point blank when you do the last leg to Strider. That’s… evil.

This team could get really vicious.

EDIT: Never mind. Can’t do legion until the orbs leave the screen. Duh. :sweat: