behold, strider/sent/commando

For a few weeks now i’ve been thinking of using this team, for fun atleast. The main reason i wanted to try it was because… Once you play sent/commando, its hard to go back to sent/doom. and well, strider is a total badass, and with his teleports and what not you never know when you might trick someone and hit them with commando assist.

I kind of started it off wrong, and i was playing at an arcade with shitty sticks, and there was a rotation going on, so i only tried this team once and lost, i didn’t want to have to wait 10 minutes between each “Try” of this team. I also played it wrong to a degree, letting sentinel die is BAD, and i’m not very good to begin with but let’s move on.

I felt i was trying to combine my main 2 teams too much (clockw0rk and santhrax), but after watching the recent videos put up, and watching clock play strider/sent/commando, it inspired to to make this thread for feed back. Another reason was (i think we’ve all seen this shit), strider/sent isn’t half bad when doom gets assist infinited, i’ve seen some people come back with that shit.

For starters, you are PROBABLY going to want to start strider, as you NEED sent alive to do a decent trap. I started sent, didn’t think about switching him out let him die, and well, strider/commando kind of sucks.

If you want to start sent, which is smart, as sent/commando is the shit, and you can get some bar for strider, be my guest, just make sure you can get sent out there with a decent amount of health so he doesn’t die when he’s assisting.

Perks of sent over doom…

Sent’s assist comes out all the time at the back of the screen, and doesn’t get beaten nearly as much as doom does by psylocke and cyclops.

you can do TWO sent calls pretty much all the time, 2 sent calls while ouroboros is going is pretty good chip, i dont know if its as good as 1 doom chip with rocks spinning then rocks releasing, but whatever.


Sent is needed on point if strider dies fast of course, vs doom who you could almost freely call.

Sent doesn’t pin as long, making full screen traps much harder to hold onto.


Commando gives this team the MUCH needed anti air against those storm and mag rushdowns, as those 2 can beat doom a lot also by sticking out attacks.

Strider’s air combos do more damage as you can hit command assist right as you launch for pretty beefy damage.

And well, if strider dies, you still got sent/commando, which is as stated, absolutely ballin’

I’m gonna try this team more when i get some casuals going or when there isn’t as long of a line at the places i play, but yeah any thoughts/comments/whatever go ahead. I already posted this in the strider thread, but threw it here for whatever reason.


i remember seeing a video of some dude playing finesse with strider/sent/commando, it was actually pretty buff.

strider can do instant overhead + capcom, which is free orbs

sent can be first if you like taking risks so he can build meter. plus strider’s variety assist is pretty buff if you land an RP xx HSF