Beijing, China

Is there a place to play Marvel in Beijing? I’m studying abroad in Bei Da from June till August.

watch your wallet. haha

doubt they have marvel down there

come to shanghai if you have a chance…i’ll take you around. :smiley: PM me

Any MvC2 or 3S players in Jiangmen?

Oh shit you serious? I will be coming to Shanghai for like 4 days haha

Are arcades banned in China?

there are tonnes of arcades in china …what are you talking 'bout. they should be easy to find, just ask a local.

i doubt there’ll be any marvel. mostly KOF and 3s if you’re lucky


I’ve been to Shanghai few times as my dad lives and work there. Been desperately trying to look for arcades there. My Shanghainese girlfriend brought me to an arcade before but there are no 3rd Strike machines at all. Only some SFT, Fighting Jam and tonnes of Initial D. Can you tell me where is a good arcade in SH? The road name or stuff? Been itching to check out the local 3S scene there.

this thread is probably long dead, but its worth a try…

does anyone know where i can find an arcade with guilty gear in beijing?


are you in shanghai right now? if you are, give me a PM…i’m in shanghai…i can take you to 3s and ggxx slash…

so no guilty gear slash in beijing?

The main aracde everyone goes to in Beijing with the best comp is at Taito station in Wanfujing. All the fighting games are jap setup head to head cabinets

However there is no marvel there only kof mainly which is crazy popular, kof 97 has like 10 machines or something lol There are also a few tekken 5 and sf2 hf machines which are pretty popular.

I know of many other similar large arcades with lots of other games but these other ones only have kof afaik.


Duh… I just got back to the US 2 days ago!!!

hey is there any SF player in shanghai?

hell yeah! they’re pretty good!

I’m gong to be in shanghai for a few days. I’m going to be around Tonji University and I might make it out to the Bund and Nanjing road. Are there any good arcades where I am going to be at? I’ve only got maybe 1 or 2 days that I can go to one then I’m off to Henan.

hmm. i’m going to be visiting relatives in Beijing starting tomorrow… so has any new 3s/cvs2 competition sprung up in the last few months on this thread? or is it still the same wanfujing place?
hmm… i’m feeling like testing out some american scrub strats against the world stage :slight_smile:

in shanghai there’s two main arcades for SF and GGXX
one in located on JiangNing Rd across from MeiLongZhen called Lie Huo, and the other one is located in Guangyuanxi Rd in Xujiahui called zhengyang

… and Zhengyang is the biggest arcade in China.
More, there’s one more arcade in Shanghai, called Nogong, it’s close to Zhengyang.
(There’re only 3 arcades in Shanghai.)