Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony

If you haven’t watched this, then Jesus Christ. I’m going to show you the greatest thing you might ever see. And if you have, watch it again. Lol. And the second part is missing. :shake:

Part 1: [media=youtube]8ItRrO6P1W4[/media]
Part 3: [media=youtube]O3so3sqi8-Y[/media]
Part 4: [media=youtube]lq7NNdvFVfY[/media]
Part 5: [media=youtube]HP7i0FmareE[/media]
Part 6: [media=youtube]T-cYQeg4Kzg[/media]
Part 7: [media=youtube]GPl8SiRF7ME[/media]
Part 8: [media=youtube]LBdhMJFXaX8[/media]

Torch: [media=youtube]arRdurgadsM[/media]