Being a gangster on facebook will get you beat


this ass whoopin aint gonna be fake

irl Grandad Freeman, put THAT on your wall. Internet is gettin out of control these days.

That was epic, i’m surprised people still spank since a lot of people over react to spanking.

uuh…you call that an ass whoopin?.. = /

nah he got spanked like a lil girl. he aint seen no real spanking, maybe his uncle will give it to him next time if he still acts stupid.

I still don’t understand how to dougie

:l i would get plastic surgery and change my face so no one would ever recognize me from that video

otherwise i would never leave my house

Unc reminds me of that crazy ass dad from the friday movies :rofl:

i respect the uncles swagger…i mean the kid was ready to cry from that lil fucking taps. My momma woulda put him into a damn mental corner if he was ready to cry from that weak beating.

That’s about the extent I think people are willing to watch without disgust. You can’t expect parents to smash their kids’ shit in, put it online, and people be okay with it. There’s still going to be controversy over this video and it isn’t even that bad.

Maybe I’m giving too much credit for the guy, but I’m guessing he might have held back to make it a little more appropriate for others to see online.

t-minus 1 day until racist 12 year olds flood video with comments.

ahhh the difference between white parents and black, when I was a kid my white friends could get away with all sorts of shit, Russell Peters said it best.

Part of me was thinking that the parent walking around his pants damn near falling off was going to throw up a gangsta at the end of the vid :rofl:

I got a link in my email from so I would say t-minus 1 hour

wtf is this shit about white parents being soft? maybe middle class liberal white collar types; but grow up in a trailer park and tell me about white parents not beating the holy fuck out of their children
hell my dad was so abusive the court wouldn’t let him near me. i haven’t seen him since i was like 7

Damn, that boy, never gonna live that shit down. That’s about all i feel bad for…

But hell sacrifice one for the sake of the rest, am i right? :tup:

I really believed spanking was a lost art or something, at least I know now its not. I’m not cool with child abuse but damn, sometimes you just need to spank your kid. Hell i turned out perfect and i’ve had my ass whooped harder than that

My dad is white & he used a fully studded with thick metal studs belt that also had a dinner plate like Harley Davidson belt buckle. Shit was no joke. So to who ever posted that white parents don’t beat there kids when they messed up, think again.

as far as that being to far, well, who knows. at least he has a male figure in his life who cares about him enough to try and make sure he stays on the right path. who knows, maybe he saved that kid’s life?

public humiliation is a bit far though. i’d much rather have my ass beat bloody than be made a laughingstock at school. that shit is traumatic, emotionally traumatic, especially to a teenager. but it’s hard to say he didn’t have it coming…

yeah, having that online probably just fudged his social life back to elementary status.

But, also like i said it might be sort of a good thing for people watching, in a odd way that I probably will not be able to portray effectively. With so many people online nowadays, maybe some lazy ass parents can learn something from this. I swear I think people are getting way too soft, I read some comments where they just felt real sorry for the kid. And I sort of do too, but its hard to say he didnt deserve that for running his mouth.

Seriously im afraid of the generations below me… It’s incredibly difficult to hold a somewhat intelligent conversation with them and I cry (literally) when i think about how I might be buying insurance from them one day or something.

i wouldn’t be too worried about future generations. there were romans walking around talking about 'kids today"

And look how far the romans got…

Yeah burn, what of your gods now?! hahaha

Edit: hahahahahahaHAHAHAHA

Sorry you had a shitty dad, there was meant to be a joke in there somewhere