Being a gangster on facebook will get you beat

Shit was funny but I wouldn’t let something like that die down, I wouldn’t care if he was a senior member of the family humiliating him in front of his peers the world now that I think about it was steps too far.

the worst is when the belt has the metal tip…

i love how if you try to play defense the beating gets worse…

at any rate the uncle is a beast but he forgot to make the little bitch cry


that was not a hard beating. i used to get hit harder then that when i was a kid. yea but that kid is done. he’s 40 year old virgin status now.

i remember when i was younger i knew i was going to get beat so i put a piece of wood in my pants, and my father saw that shit took it out and started to hit me with the fucking wooden board. LOL. good times at my house.

or the time when i stole $20 bucks from his jacket. i was 13-14 years old. he beat me like i was in a bar fight. punching and kicking me, needless to say i’ve never stolen from my family again.

or what about the time i called the cops on my dad, i think i blacked out from the ass kicking i got.

kids today have it too soft.

I loled. Hard.

lmao “our famiwy don com from all tha bull…stuff”. The 4th season of the Boondocks(if its ever made) HAS to parody this.

I must admit I got a chuckle from this lol. Jesus your dad did not play phrost.

Cuz he had skinny jeans?

Everyone who even uses facebook needs a spanking.

so many retards

:rofl: best video i’ve seen in A LONG TIME.

Wow, spanking is one thing, beating a kid with a 2x4 until he passes out is pretty bad. Still loled though.

nah i blacked out when i called the cops. whatever, i learned never to betray your family.

My gf’s little brother showed me this yesterday.

Too funny.

lol gotta appreciate some good old disciplining of children… especially when you see this in contrast:


lol, i can think of better ways to teach a child than 2nd degree assault.

I can vouch for the euro’s.
Goddamn my ass cheeks have no feeling anymore.

you guys got a link to that kids facebook profile? i’d love to see it.

You know that nigga deleted that shit. LOL

That shit was funny as fuck, needs to happen more though.
Xbox Live and PSN little kiddies need some ass whoopins

lol, reminds me of when I got a whooping at school… The public aspect is definitely the best (most effective) part of the punishment, imo… I was in 5th grade and my mom would pick me up from school. Except this day, mom had already received a call from my teacher about how I wasn’t doing homework (cuz really… fuck homework) Moms shows up, like normal… I say bye to all my friends and step towards the open the car door, but before I was even half way in the car the belt was flying at my ass… And it kept flying at me the whole drive home… and my mom was driving a stick shift

I just went ahead and took my mom seriously on that threat… “Go ahead, call em… by the time they get here, they’ll have a good reason for comin out” she’d say…