Being a social Guile

It took a little while, but I have finally found the character that I want to main. Guile, duh.
I have been practicing a lot lately and dedicated myself to learning this character, however it’s quite lonely and tedious at times. What I mean is I would like to chat with someone, since none of my friends play or have even the slightest interest in fighting games.
It would be awesome to have a couple of people to talk to, to learn from and to complain with whenever you lose a match ( xD ).
Also, if you’re sitting there, reading this thread and you’re a pro Guile player, I would very much like a little tutoring or a few pointers ( :3 ).
Please don’t flame me and say: “Too bad, you’ve got to commit and learn for yourself”.
I am committing, but I like to be social while I play games.
So if you feel the same, or you just want to meet a random guy on the internet, call me on Skype: Mortues27 or Mads Hattemann.
Thanks, I’m looking forward to meeting whoever wants to add me ( xD ).

P.s. If you have any questions regarding me, something game related or something completely different. Ask away! ( :slight_smile: )

yeah i was like that too. i had to soul search before i made the switch with guile since vanilla days. i went from Ken, Ryu, Blanka, Ehonda, balrog, and now guile…he just fits me…and plus…i hate that FADC shit lol.

Well, you are on a forum dude. If anywhere, this is the place to socialize. Any of the regulars on here would be more than happy to give you advice on any videos you post or hear any rants about matchup troubles.


Yea, but what I mean is chatting. Talking, via skype, teamspeak or ventrilo.
Having a conversation, that is what I am missing. Or a sparring partner. Where we learn from eachother.

I like just casually chatting while playing AE on pc. I’m only about intermediate skill lvl, but I can try and help. I play on ps3 as well.

Do you play on xbl?

This died fast…