Being better online than offline


I’m thinking that i’m better online than offline, I played my brother yesterday offline for the first time in ages and it seems just the simple fact of having someone playing beside you makes it a little bit harder mainly because he can read what you do better. Also I keep dropping combos offline because apparently the timing is different offline than online, but for some reason i’m consistent on training mode.

Another thing is too keep the concentration while there is so many people around, I don’t know how the pros do to keep their concentration when there is a huge crowd and all that.

I’m wondering if I will get better eventually if I keep practicing offline and I will become as good as I am offline than online. Also would you recommend to stop playing online defintively?


because the pros come from the arcade, not online (and the few who do come from online use headphones to drown people out ie inthul)


i dont play online at all… sf4 at least… i play ST online on ggpo all the time and still do good offline when i play hdr… I donno…


Disconnect your Ethernet cord.


It comes from experiance.

People who never played against someone in person will have a hard time playing in front of people because they won’t be comfortable. It’s something you’ll just have to get used to. It should go away the more you play around people.


Go find an arcade somewhere and get some experience. I grew up in arcades, and never developed a problem with playing people standing next to me. You just have to break your self of the habit.


Is there an arcade where you live(that way you can get used to all of the background noise). Keep playing online & offline(practice makes perfect).