Being command grabbed on wake up as Makoto


hello there!

I’m a newbie player with no online experience. I’m quite sure there is a simple solution to my problem, but I don’t really know where to look.
Having a lot of problems with both execution and decision making I’m still training with AI opponents and I just can’t get to find a counter vs Zangiefs/T.Hawks spd on my wake up. On highest difficulty those guys perform what it seems a (near) frame perfect spd after my every hard knock down. I block - im gettin grabbed. My reversal ex karakusa/hayate/fukiage also is getting grabbed before it reaches the opponent. Only reversal ultra seems to work, but I was told not to rely on this, as it’s rather desperate, unwise strategy in games vs other players. Right now my game plan vs grapplers is KO’ing them without being thrown xd

I have picked Makoto as my character and I do know she struggles a lot with her wake up game. I have read some articles about wake up choices for her but nothing seems to work. Is it my performance lacking (should I do something faster?), or is there something I dont know?

thanks a lot for help!


Makoto doesn’t have a throw invincible move, your options are either to jump ( and do a tsurugi to punish them trying to throw you ) or a backdash.
This is one of her main weakness.


Either IAT (Instant air Tsurugi) or jump back HP. The problem with fighting the AI is that there isn’t a delay between the computer’s inputs, so they can do instant 360s and react to your inputs. this means they can 360 you through block-strings and things that might be safer against humans.