Being demolished under pressure

I’ve been playing Ibuki for almost two years now, but I guess out of all that time I’ve spent learning things slowly (from SJCs, combos, chains, links, mixups, etc) it doesn’t seem like any of it pays off. I get beat more than half of the matches I fight. Most of them end up being won by people who can rush me without any issues.

I’ve seen one or two Ibukis do the same, but when I try doing it I end up getting punished no matter what option I try. Or I survive the match only to lose because of Time Overs. No matter what I know, no matter how many different things I try, I can never beat these people. Is it because people don’t care to play you properly in endless, or that I’m just not fast enough?

You made the mistake of working on your execution instead of your fundamentals.

Sounds like you spent a lot of time learning advanced execution, but you don’t have the fundamental skill, or enough match-up experience, to make it count. It’s not enough to just know HOW to do advanced Ibuki movesets, you have to know when, where, and WHY should use it.

If you’re being rushed at without issues, it’s possible that your defense is lacking. Getting thrown too much? Not doing proper anti-airs? Not controlling your space? Getting caught by too many frame traps? You have to revert back down to your basics, and improve the fundamentals of learning how to control space properly.

Well, I don’t have a problem with controlling space, it’s more like I can’t hold it for very long. It’s like the person I go up against assumes I’m shit. It’s like I wanna CD to the other side to confuse, but all I get is mashed LP’d before I can do anything.

Sounds like you go for the mix-ups at the wrong time, or you play too aggressively when you should be slowing down. Only scrubs fall for command dash mix-ups all the time, you have to learn to train your opponent to not expect it in order for it to work.

And that’s not controlling space, that’s rushing down. In any case, you said that people just rush you down endlessly without being able to stop it, this is the definition of not being able to control space.

I got a better one.

You learned how to play Ibuki, not Street Fighter.

Yea that works better lol

Well when I usually start a match, I’m not the first person to make a move. Instead, I basically take advantage of anything my opponent screws up on. It doesn’t help when all I can do is block. An example match would be vs. Ryu. Match starts, Ryu jumps in intentionally gets a few hits in, then while I’m blocking it’s either cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. MK xx Hadoken or he drops the combo and I get thrown because I failed the tech. If tech it, it’s either another throw or a DP. If I just sit there and block, I can’t get any damage in at all. An occasional vortex works, and crouching pokes don’t seem to help me because they get stopped by his. I don’t jump, because he’ll AA into DP > FADC > U1 or just use a cr. HP > EX Hadoken.

Sounds like you’re just getting outsmarted because you don’t have the right fundamentals to make good decisions. For example, the Ryu situation you mentioned: you just let your opponent jump in and “get a few hits in.” Why didn’t you anti-air him to keep yourself out of that situation, before he could go for the grab/DP mixup? It seems like you don’t understand the game at certain points or what you and your opponent are capable of at all times.

I recommend reading all of this before doing anything else. Seriously, drop everything and read it. All of it. And reread it every few days.

Don’t take what sounds like harsh criticism as anything other than us trying to help you. Don’t have any misconceptions about your play. I feel like I have to mention this because of this:

What? This is the same thing. You have a problem controlling space.

And this:

Do not -ever- feel like you can let yourself off the hook because your opponent did something “scrubby” and beat you, when if they were “smart” you would’ve won, or whatever. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but two seconds of introspection reveals that you are the scrub if you start thinking like that.

I’m not taking it as harsh. It just frustrates me like I shouldn’t have even tried playing in the first place. Like I wasted time.

Honestly, you have wasted time, a little bit. You got sucked into the cool stuff Ibuki brings to the table and how to do her specific stuff instead of how to play the game at a basic level, which is vastly more important. That doesn’t mean that the skills you picked up along the way don’t matter, though – it’s definitely not a waste overall. I suggest picking up a character a little more basic at least on the side if you wanna take the games seriously.

Also, I don’t think it took 9 minutes to read the footsies handbook :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually still reading it.

Well, your first problem is that Ryu jumps in, and you don’t do anything to stop it. Ryu’s is quite easy to anti-air, you have a few to choose from. This is what I mean by controlling space, you’re allowing Ryu to jump into your territory for free. Ryu can be quite dangerous up close when he’s at the advantage, so you have to keep him out. If you’re just sitting there and block, then you’re really not playing the game. You’re showing that you’re not willing to put a fight, so Ryu tends to get overconfident in his zoning abilities, and he’ll just frustrate you the whole game. Keep it back down to basics, forget all that SJC crap, because they’re not going to do you any good if you can’t knockdown Ryu, and you can’t make him block your mix-ups. Play the footsies game with him. This match is actually in your advantage, because once you get the knockdown, you can literally just do the unblockable all day long, and he can’t escape it.

Your is decent, but it’s not special cancellable. f.LK can counter his, but it only combos into lk tsumuji or EX tsumuji. Your primary goal in this matchup is to make him whiff his pokes, so that you can counter-sweep or counter-poke him. Don’t be afraid to hold your ground and poke back, or do a lk tsumuji to keep him on guard. This is a highly tactical match at the start, but if you can land a few basic knockdowns, the match is strongly in your favor.

Actually, it also cancel into Raida or Kazegiri.

Kind of spacing dependent. EX tsumuji is a lot more guaranteed.

I was specifically referring to the safest options you can do. Cancelling it into a Raida or Kazegiri is kind of a risk, in case you get an execution error, or you’re spacing is a bit off.

Starting off from scratch.

What can you do on what space with Ibuki vs. - lets see… Ryu, good example. You mentioned it.

I just picked up Ibuki coming from Chun, having a good understanding of footsies in general and I know how it feels to “play under pressure” with no get-ouf-of-jail-Freecard. Without a knockdown or confusion in the air, I play my Chun-Game.
I can’t do fancy SJC Combos, I keep my mixups to a minimum, I got some unblockables, Safejumps and Option Selects in my reportoire.

First rule. Do not let them jump-in for free. b.MP into Knockdown or Air-Throw is your best friend.
Second rule. You don’t have to initiate the fight. We have no fireballs, so what? Land one slide (maybe into knockdown?), have life lead, let them do something stupid. Be patient. Control your space!
Third rule. Have a good defense. Tech throws accordingly, block and punish to return momentum, make use of EX Kazegiri if you feel like you have read a pattern.

Up close, you have momentum. Ryu has 2 bars? Expect a reversal DP, just block and wait between your frame traps (s.LP, s.MK, stuff).
Whiffpunish with cr.MP into Neckbreaker (hard to do against c.MK, but stops forward momentum)
You got meter? EX Neckbreaker the shit out of his fireballs.
Got no meter? Space your slide well.
Knockdown? Pry him open!

Stop the gimmicky stuff. You can apply command dashes to complete your stun or open up the defense after knockdowns (e.g. b.MP, HK CD, HK Kazegiri Knockdown -> MK or HK Command Dash to get offensive going.)

Crumbling under pressure is also a problem I have. And sadly i did the same thing, i learnt all the execution stuff and failed at the basics. Considering picking up a new character that focuses on the basics so i can learn those, then maybe come back to ibuki. Suggestions?? Other than ryu/ken plz (sorry to hi-jack thread). Cant really think of a way to do it - i try with ibuki but go back to my bad habbits - at least if i learn it from scratch with somoene new it should be better.

Fei-Long, Chun-Li, Guile. Hell, most of the original 12 street fighters will do.

I’d suggest picking a character with either
-weak rushdown/pressure options (eg: Guile, Dhalsim)
-poor get-in options (eg: Zangief)

This is to discourage you from
-playing on autopilot
-thinking you have to get in all the time

As long as your character doesn’t have autopilot capabilities (eg: Seth, CViper, Ibuki), I’d say most of the emphasis should be going toward finding players who play solid and/or can punish autopilot-ness.