Being effective with omega



I’ve been playing MvC2 for about 4 mo’s now, and omega for about 2 weeks. I have noticed that in serious good competition, even a weaker-skilled omega can do some serious damage to even the better of players. There is no way that i’m one of the better omega players…hence the creation of this thread. I’m asking for any positive input on how to use him in tough situations, and how to launch an effective offense with him. For now, i’d like advice on the following situations:

Omega attacking a sent/storm with a commando assist
Countering a magneto rush attack
Countering being trapped in a corner by a flying sent

If it helps, the team i currently use is omega/doom/BH, with omega on point usually, except against magneto.(For some reaason my BH does better against him)I’d also like to hear others’ opinions on what assist you feel is most effective when using him. And if anyone is familiar with any setups with omega that have doom/Bh in them, let me know as well


seen it, looking for more


if you have read it you would know omega/doom has mad ghetto tri-jump abilities…and like planting doom then doing extended kicks cancelled to recover faster or fall from a diagonal extended kick is helpful. in the even of you playing omega/doom/bh…and ur fighting a sent/cap…good luck IMO, sure doom beats capcom, but if he gets above you…your best chance is to do the extended kick straight upward, then cancel to a coil in whatever direction he dodges.

personally, omega/cable/doom would be better IMO…you might want to try it out…you want a meter hog after omega since he builds up so much meter. you either would want storm or cable behind you…both can use meter well…and storm is a safe dhc out…juss some thoughts…hope it helps…


any thoughts on his assist? BH and doom can both get a super off if the throw connects, but it comes out too slow to stop rushing magneto. His anti air does well against sent, and bh can inf>Hod, but you have to telegraph it almost.


Marcus you don’t need amy Omega tips because November 23 no more Omega for you :lol:


we’ll see about that


Whats happening Nov 23?:eek:


whenever i use the coils and it connects, i drain them, then throw them to the opposite side. but when i try to jump in while they’re still on the ground, i jump back. is that a funky property or something?


maybe you are airdashing too soon, while he still thinks the opponent is on the original side where you grappled him, or maybe you are crossing yourself up, im not sure.

I made a bet with known that if i lose 1 game to him while playing OR i would give up on him. Not like that’s gonna happen.