Being Great at this game,,,,how?


I got this game at launch. So far so good, well until I’ve tried to beat my friend J. Hes a good SF4 player and i told him and the rest of my friends that i will beat him and everyone else in the school. So far i have beaten everyone in the school MINUS him. His learning curve is too great. I feel discourage to play to the game when he rapes me with his team.

one thing ive notice is that in this game i CANT get good by just playing it! I dont know what is it but most games ive played like SF4 and SCIV i just play and play and play and i get better. In this game, ive play and play and i feel like i get no experience points (referencing PKMN).

I know its kind of hard to ask this question, but how are you people getting good at this game, I just got rape by some dudes sentinel (OP) pheonix and storm.


Buy the guide and watch this [media=youtube]TSSvTkyCLz0"[/media] Then hit the lab.


I know how you feel Chris. It’s my first MvC. I’m good at Tekken, SF and BB. But in MvC3 i really have problems with the team factor and the completly different style of play, compared to other BEMUs.


J either plays a lot more or doesn’t follow a formula and knows what he is doing and how to react often blocking and landing hits while for the most part only get hit when he is also attacking. If your willing to spend a ton of time then yeah you’ll be the best, just know what your looking for.


Wow how is your home school? Have you also beaten your mum or just the other 3 people in your school?


There’s a couple of things to consider when wanting to get better at this game.

  1. Execution/committing your combo’s to muscle memory. making combos in this game is very easy and you don’t really even need to be all that fancy. Just simple easy executable combos can knock off 40 percent health with no super required or xfactor. Also learning the quirks of your given characters. Learning tri jumps if your character can do them, anything to spice up your approach from just plain ol jumping in/dashing

  2. The second thing is probably the most important. You MUST find a team that can cover each other with assists. You have to learn to use assists when your trying to approach. If your playing a keep away character you should have assists that compliment that characters game. Sentinel on top of being a solid character with easy executable combos that do a ton of damage, His assists are godlike. Team him up with someone like wesker and wesker can dance around with teleports while having the drones cover him making anything he does safe and opening the door for his huge combos. Team synergy in this game is more important than just individual characters, you have to learn how to incorporate good assists into your approach or keep away game.

And of course, practice practice practice. Use training mode to build combos into muscle memory, then have the computer fight back and try to create some really nice openers using your assists in your approach. Then of course when you feel you can execute under pressure. go online and try it there, though i don’t like online much due to laggy inputs, it’s a good place to at least see what other people are doing, maybe you’ll see something you didn’t know about before.


practice practice practice practice practice

Go to training and learn the combos, then go online against others so you know how it fells to fight another player. Usually some people freak out at a important match and forget all their combo’s and to block. Going against the cpu in arcade IS NOT a good way to train. Sure it could help you get used the execution of combo’s and blocking in the heat of battle, but the fact how the cpu acts and make decisions is far from the same as a real player. Seeing you told everyone you would beat them and you cant beat J. it means you’re losing your cool or not concentrated enough. Just practice. It’s a new game, you’re can’t a god in a few days. All those pros out there had been playing since E3. So… PRACTICE!


I DO have the guide. I have learned much from as well from the video which i already seen before. Thanks dough


My team is Wolverine zero and Dormammu. I think they complement each other well. I know i have a flaw of now using asssist very often. I also Practice alot but it the heat of battle i cant pull them off because i cant get close enough to do them so i have call my dormammu and play the same game and i Usually win. And NO im not home school, i just go to a small school. And The Net Code is good with me. Out of the 7 hours ive played online there was no lag. Its just Rank matches that are hard to find. Thanks everyone for their replies. This is my frist MVC game that ive been playing alot, MVC1 was the first game i ever played and i never owned it because back then adult believed that gaming was a waste of time =/


Try to stop yourself from mashing and cover your assists/make your assists cover you.
You also might be playing too orthodox… if you don’t have any surprises/mixups, any decent player will be able to crack open your game after a couple of matches.

Sure you can combo… but getting into the other player’s mind is what’s most rewarding about fighting games, and another side that most casuals don’t see / can’t grasp because they lack basic fundamentals of understanding the game.


First thing to do would be to hit up the stickied Strategy thread. :smile: