Being knocked out of Links mid way through by special moves


I believe these type of people are known as “mashers”, basically i’ll be mid way through an chain of attacks and i’ll eat a shoryuken to the face or something similar and recieve just as much damage from them as i’d just dished out.

Why is this happening? Am I dropping links and just 1 frame allows them to punish me so badly?

It’s pretty frustrating knowing someone can just mash a special attack like this whenever I go on the offensive, yet I maining Abel have to endure the flurry of attacks unless I have ex metre.

What’s the best way to stop this?


Yes, you’re dropping links. If you think that they’re mashing you can deliberately stop mid-combo and just let them mash their shoryu and punish.

The best way though is to just stop dropping your links.


Two ways to stop this:

  1. Practice your links so you don’t drop them ever.
  2. Don’t go for the 1-frame link and block to bait out the shoryuken, then punish.


Lol the funny thing is I can quite consistently pull off Abel’s one frame step kick->fierce punch link yet I still constantly fall prey to stuff like this. Is it just a matter of speed or do I actually need to use some form of rhythm to avoid dropping normal links?


Auto-block, I cant stand it.


Combos are always harder to preform on demand while under pressure then they are in training mode.


No I mean, I can pull that off in game quite consistently but I sometimes find myself dropping fairly simple links like,,,


Exactly. You can preform the combo without any problems when practicing or in noncritical situations. However, when you feel pressured or agitated your execution will simply get worse regardless of who you are. You will simply need to keep practicing these combos in high pressure situations in order to be more reliable with them.


if you’re playing online, you could also be missing the links even though you are hitting the buttons exactly the same as you do in offline practice due to lag. This has been killing me lately in my effort to learn cody :frowning:


Block instead of doing the link, then you can punish them.



I’m not so good at linking (as seen in my horrible videos :rofl:), so I intentionally drop combos to bait the mashed SRK and punish. Online can be a tricky beast altogether, but it’s the most that most people have without having to play in a small room with guys who hate deoderant.


The problem I run into is that depending on who I’m playing I might not get a chance to hit a combo and I get my one chance and I’m suppose to drop it to try to bait something? But, then I don’t and I get SRK’d out of it anyway.

High level yomi right there.



I don’t think you understand what i’m trying to say at all lol
I can perform that combo whenever I want regardless of whether or not my opponent is moving, but despite this I sometimes drop simple links.


If you are playing with Abel and the connection is yellow or green, you should have no problem hitting those links. Just keep practicing I guess. All the variations of links off are pretty easy except>st.hp.


Get your links better


Are you sure you can’t get hit out of links? I think you can if the other player is mashing a move with invinciblity, like EX throws or moves like that.

I’m going to have to test it, cuz I get hit of of links a lot, and I have pretty dam good timing


If you get hit you’re missing the link.


Playing online? Dropping links you can hit no problem offline? Specials countering you between your attacks? Again… playing online? It’s called lag.

Dropping links time and time again offline and wondering why? You’re not as good as you think and need to practice more.


You need to condition players into not reversalling. You can bait reversals out by constantly attacking the fraction after a DP Reversal would’ve hit, assuming you have a fast normal with decent block advantage. You see Alex Valle and Daigo doing this at times during the start of their matches if they get the chance.


If you are getting hit when trying to preform a link then you still need more practice with it.