Being More Knowledgable

I’ve been playing fighting games for about 3 years and I feel like I’m not learning enough to get better. When my friends get into discussions about the fighting games we play (usually AE or UMVC3), I just sit there quiet because I have nothing to contribute. They seem to have an opinion for every character in the game and are knowledgeable about them on a decent level (even characters they don’t even play, but they’ve probably played them out a couple of times.) I can’t even talk about the characters that I main, and it’s sort of embarrassing lol

Are there certain threads that I should be reading? Should I play every character to some extent? (I play AE and UMVC3) Should I keep some sort of journal?

Most opinions are not credible so I try to keep my opinions to myself usually anyway.

Knowing characters comes from experience. Match videos on youtube can help, but gameplay is the only way to learn stuff.

You can’t talk about the characters you main? Why not? What characters do you play in AE? If you can point out their pokes, anti-airs, combos, etcetera, that’s “talking about that character.” If you don’t know these things, that’s a big problem because you don’t understand the characters you’re playing.

Well if you want to learn about a specific character, go to that character’s subforum. If you play a character, you can swap information with people who also play that character. That’s the whole idea of the subforums, right?

You don’t have to. Messing around with them might give you a better grasp of their options. But if you know how to play against them, that’s totally sufficient.

Some people keep notes. I have a few google documents of character-specific setups, combos, and so on. If you only play against a character rarely, it might help to have some notes. But you’re not gonna forget stuff like “Doom’s footdive is really good and people love to throw it out, so don’t hit buttons below Doom.”

That’s more of my problem in UMVC3. Sorry about not being specific with that. I play Cody in AE.

Right lol

I think I’ll have to start using that myself. Thank you for your input.