Being Taunted Sucks :(

Today I fired up SSFIV and managed to find a game to play in, an Endless with only two slots. The host and I began and after a couple matches it was pretty clear that despite him rocking the “Just a beginner…” comment he was much, much better than me. I took a few rounds from him, even won a match, but the gap was pretty clear. When he busted out what appeared to be his main he mechanically dismantled me, which is fine, and began taunting me at every opportunity. “I get it,” I thought. “I’m not as good as you.” He continued beating me so badly that I was rarely getting a hit in, not even chip damage, and I was beginning to make mistakes due to frustration. Finally, he dizzied me and spent the entire duration taunting. I turned off the game and did something else for awhile.

It’s tough to have fun when people like this are all I can play against. I don’t have a very good connection and I can sometimes sit in the Ranked lobby for 10 or 15 minutes without anyone ever coming in. When I finally do find someone to train against and they just belittle me the entire time I just don’t see the point. I don’t know if I’ve had a fun game of SSFIV in the past couple weeks, which saddens me more because I’ve really grown attached to it.

I dunno. I feel like I’m being an idiot but this sort of thing just doesn’t mesh with me. What should I do?

To enjoy fighting games you need to put in some work. Toughen up and get better internet, then find that guy and taunt him back. Let the taunting/trashtalking motivate you to get better!

Yeah, you always have to watch out for those “I’m just a beginner! Teehee!” Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Ignore it and focus on why you lost instead. When you figured that out, work on rectifying those mistakes so that the probability of it happening again and as often becomes much smaller. That way you get better at the game and there’s less of a chance of being taunted (not that taunting matters). Score.

Also, if you manage to find someone with a good connection that you enjoyed playing against, add them as a friend and ask if they don’t mind doing endless sessions vs you. Points in ranked mode don’t really matter that much.

About bad connections, if you happen to be european it might be a good idea to switch of “same region”, otherwise you’ll just run into ppl from your own country which means less ppl to play.

Deal with it son. It happens to EVERYBODY in any game. Add him. Get better then return the favor.

try to improve so that you can taunt and do the same to other people:)

I don’t even know what my “comment” is at… Who cares? I just play the damn game. No such thing as an easy win. If it was an easy win, you learned nothing from it.

Cancelable taunts are incredibly stupid imo, taunting itself is acceptable but there should be some risk involved. Even though every logical part of my brain tells me there’s no reason to get salty about them, I still do, not much to do about that outside of just beat them I guess.

Any time that you get frustrated with the game it means you are losing focus. Every loss is a learning experience. An experienced player can provide you with thousands of lessons a minute. Pay attention and learn. You would be surprised how well you can hold your own with a few insightful tweaks to your own gameplay. Calm down, try different pokes, focus on good spacing and don’t abuse your specials. If you maintain your focus (and I define focus as “every single move has thought put into it,” so you’re on the edge of your seat for every attack for the entire match; there’s never a point where you go “what just happened?”) then winning or losing doesn’t matter, because the excitement of the game comes from exchanging blows, not chasing victory.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

At this point you have to accept the fact that you are a scrub. It’s ok cause EVERYONE was at one point or another. Just gotta feed yourself off of that salt. Motivate. Losing is an hard thing to accept especially when you’re new to fighting games. I know this all too well.

In the end you don’t need to win to have fun. Just don’t sweat the small stuff and just have fun

Taunting is one thing, but it seems like Marval has gotten a bunch of crossover FPS players (I blame Max) who after winning try to do the Tea Bag motion, but since you can’t get right over the downed character it looks like they are trying to make there character give oral pleasure to the downed opponet of they are at their feet, or kiss them if they are at there head. There is a taunt button for a reason people :wink:

First of all, no one likes fighting someone with a bad connection, it’s not even the same game. It’s just mashy-slapsies, dial-a-combo punishes, and disabled throw teching. Personally I almost never fight anyone who has yellow bars or anyone with more than a 2% d/c rate - which means they are either quitters or laggers and a waste of time. Still, sometimes lag is unpredictable, and its not a free excuse to rage or blame the other person if everyone did what they could to ensure a good connection.

Anyway, I have sympathy for you if you are not in control of your current location/internet, but people trying to improve at the game don’t have time for charity that benefits no one’s real game.

Lag issues aside, now to talk about getting beaten and taunted:
You need to have a thick skin and a strong mentality. Sometimes things will get on your nerves and that’s ok, and sometimes taking a break is a great idea. Getting frustrated over lag and connection problems will make it 100% worse though, so try and get that taken care of. Eventually you don’t want to consistently blow blood vessels playing a game that is supposed to be fun. For competitive games It’s a phase EVERYONE has to go through, several times, before moving passed it (mostly…).

You have to ask yourself what kind of player you are and what your goals are:

  • If you are sure you don’t want to put too much effort into it and just play casually, try and keep a group of people about on your level in your friends list to play with instead of matching up against people who take things too seriously for you. If you get floored, shrug it off because you honestly have better things to do.
  • If you are sure you want to be a great player, you need to recognize that sometimes you will get you ass kicked to shit and that’s ok. Train hard and SMART while doing lots of research and training to step your game up. Look at taunters as a challange because all they are doing is giving you room to meneuver while they try to psych you out. Remember everything you learn and focus on particular skills/matchups. If something BS happens to you that costs you the game like a lag spike or lucky ultra, it doesn’t matter because you know it was BS and isn’t worth focusing on.
  • If you don’t know where you want to go in fighting games, the best thing to do is to play with a “lets just see how far I can get” attitude. Keep a very positive attitude, instead of getting pissed at tick throws, think “Wow, those setups work so good vs me!” and recognize that you have an opportunity to either blow it off and keep playing or slow down and learn some new material to practice vs them and just accept the fact that it currently works good vs you. Find the balance between casual and serious that works best for you.

The absolute worst thing you can do is focus on points. Sure, pat yourself on the back when you rank up, but recognize that you will have to lose a lot while training particular skills or experimenting so that you can level up your game in the long run. Most of the top top players on the ladder inflate their points and avoid matches they don’t like instead facing people they need to fight- the people that give them a hard time.

I use the “Still a Beginner” tag despite being Rank A. It’s true though, the better you get the more you realize how far you still have to go to be a competitor. At rank C it feels like you have to walk 10 miles to be any good, and at rank B it feels like 50 miles and so on. What’s really happening though is that you are starting to see the depth of the game, and hopefully by exploring and fighting against that depth you have more and more fun despite getting knocked back down a whole damn lot. Even getting taunted and harassed is good mental training because at tournaments you never know when a large portion of the audience will start jeering you in hopes of giving your opponent the edge - it’s just another challenge to embrace and prove yourself against.

Also, no matter who you are, playing offline in-person with other people is both very fun and very helpful.

He’s just a troll, ignore him. Welcome to the internet, where anonymity turns regular people into assholes, and idiots into retards.

Just man up and train yourself to improve. Fighting games have a rough learning curve, but if you’re motivated enough to get better at it, you’re rewarded with wins, and soon you can start trolling HIM back.

Slide it off your back. It’s a lot better than being called a scrub and getting taunted in an actual arcade.

Toughen up and stop being a little bitch.

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It only sucks if you take the bait and get beaten worse than you already have been. It’s just a hobby in the end, so ignore the provoking and keep playing solid.

Why am I not telling myself this?

Ignore the taunting; try to instead remember why you lost the match. Also, never let it affect how you play! But yeah, there will always be some idiot who just wants to be an ass and taunt. Half the time I wish I could face them in ST just so I could walldive them for free two whole rounds, lol. But yeah, improve your skill and then taunt them back!

Implying he has one :stuck_out_tongue: