Being too sentimental


So I have this weird problem where I have trouble moving on. A few months ago I walked into TILT arcade at west covina mall and just sort of like walked around remembering old fun times I used to have in this arcade back from fall 2000-fall 2002. Later when I got home it just sort of stayed in mind to the point where I almost broke down and wished for those times to come back And the people i met back then to come back too. I mean the only reason I still come to arcades is to see the old faces that still show up, otherwise if they all didn’t I wouldn’t have a reason to go anymore. Any advice on how to move on???




You could move to Japan. They still have arcades there.


Turn up to events ran by communities, that are not built solely to make money like the arcades were


Don’t worry, VR will save us (street fighter V while waiting in que)


See that’s the thing though. If the events are run by like the 09’er generation it just makes me even sadder and not wanna go. My main problem is the longing for the the people i used to meet to all come back


Ghetto ass mall. I remember going on dates within that mall in high school. Mexican chicks just want mcdonalds and dick


13 years ago it was the shit!!!

Now you’re right it’s garbage now…


Hell, I still long for the days when we had Tampa Bay Mall here in Florida. We had Blockbuster Games on the top floor at the far east side, where you could request and play for hours any game they had in the store, subbed DBZ movies on the bigscreen in the back of the store LONG before american kids even HEARD of DBZ, and a couple employees would hook you up with dbz bootlegs, (like 10 eps for $5)across the hall they had Software Etc, where the game tournaments were held (I still have my DOA2 and Starfox t-shirts, ditched the 2-foot-tall trophies), and our Tilt Arcade had the latest fighters except for SF3. Any given day you could expect to run into old friends from high school you haven’t seen for years…now it’s been torn down for fuckin’ One Buc’s Place.


I used to go to mine for mvc2 comp back in 2001. They had a big American cab right by the entrance so it was easy to see who was playing there from far away. Back then they also had a carousel right underneath on the first floor, and there were two brothers who used to dominate in mvc2 that owned a luggage store with their parents(also right below on the first floor) that were there ALL the time. I was cool with the younger brother alot, hopefully I see him again someday


Shitty cabs. The second player joystick in cvs2 was broken all the time


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See that’s the thing though. If the events are run by like the 09’er generation it just makes me even sadder and not wanna go. My main problem is the longing for the the people i used to meet to all come back[/quowell, plain and simple. Move on. Bitching about “09’ers” is retarded. You were once the equivalent of an 09’er. New at fighting games and some folks looked past your scrubbiness and helped you along. Stop being a dick and get with the time Old man!


I also get kinda nostalgic.

Then I remember the inhuman stench in those places and I LOL.


I was never really big into arcades really

I mean it was fun to play at, but most of the time it smelled funny and was full of creepy dudes

I always liked playing at home or at friends houses. No quarters, much more approachable

No cholos


Why do you think people keep coming back to GD? There’s other cats here that remember the remaining years of the “arcade golden age” and you just started another nostalgia thread. :rofl:

But for real, I’ll contribute. Two arcades to be at around the St. Paul area: Rosedale Center, which I forget the name, and Aladdin’s Castle in Maplewood.

MSP/MSS players in Maplewood: One chubby guy and another fairly short, average looking, bespectacled dude. Both asian. When they were there you were one among a crowd of spectators watching them do shit like you’ve seen in Preppy’s vids. Casuals didn’t reserve against these two. However I did, and occasionally won. My Santhrax was pretty good back then.

Rosedale Center: ONE GUY. Tall, skinny asian dude. MSP. There was always a line behind the guy playing against him. :rofl: There was also another asian dude playing Blackheart point and always lost. Obviously this dude didn’t give a fuck about tiers.

The Tekken cab(s) were busy as well, and a little more diverse. But no one cares about that shit.


Never really played on the cvs2 cab back then. I only remember that it was opposite the American mvc2 cab when they were both by the entrances


He’d better fucking hurry.


They’re shutting down arcades?


How is Tilt still open then??? :o

They better put back carnevil BTW!!!


Yeah, other than national chains like Taito Station and Sega, they’ve been dropping like flies. It’s like the US 10-ish years ago. They’ll probably be rare/gone by end of decade. Sad.