Bel Air, MD(Harford County)

Hey guys,
I am looking for people to hook up with and learn to play some fighters. I am interested in pretty much any fighter atm. But I would like to get into BB, or Arcana Hearts 3, or some type of anime fighter. I also like to play SFAE and other Capcom fighters. So let me know. Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the area, and I am not willing to drive all the way to Baltimore. I wouldn’t mind driving around harford county though.

Baltimore is the only place you’ll find anyone good. I lived in Harco for about 4 yrs., never met anyone remotely decent

I am sure that is the case, but I would like to have sessions for hours at end with ppl in my area. More practice time, and right now my daily schedule is hectic. I just finished my semester and want to find friend to play with. I have lived here for two years and and the only friend I have doenst play fighters. So if you are willing to maybe start up our own local scene here. Maybe it will be worth it.

Hey man, I live in HDG, about 15-20 mins from Bel Air. I just got into fighting games about a month or two ago. So far I only play AE, but I’m down to try other games. I’ll PM you my email and skype. Hit me up and we can see if we’re on the same page.

Pm’ed you.