Belated SNK Fandom


Anyone else find themselves in a position where they’re a little jaded from Capcom? What with this SF X Tekken fiasco and other issues I’ve had with the company I’m really starting to gravitate towards SNK Playmore.

Capcom charges you extra for next to everything it seems like, but my order of KOF XIII came with a soundtrack, something that is normally only given in pre-orders or other similar items.

At least if I were to get UMvC3 I would get all the characters and not have to worry about missing key elements of gameplay, i.e. gems and whatnot. Darkstalkers would certainly be worth a buy as well as long as it doesn’t get handled like SF X Tekken has been.

I don’t know, maybe crossover games just have higher stakes and that’s why things sometimes don’t turn out for the best.

Companies like SNK Playmore and Falcom (of Ys fame) and other lesser known companies just don’t have as much money invested in them, which means less drama and sticking it to the customer.

I’m not a diehard, hardcore, or otherwise “oldschool gamer” that has been around since it’s inception, I just respect them more on a PR level I guess?

I’m not saying that “underground” or “obscure” or “indie” games are of higher quality, it’s just that because they make less money so they have to focus much more intently on the game they make and only the games they make. They don’t have time to mess around with things like the big guys can.



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I’ve always been more of a fan of SNK. I’m pretty experienced with both Cap & SNK, but I always prefered SNK’s offerings until 09, when everyone was hype about IV. I began gravitating towards Capcom, just as they started fucking everything up, and sent me back to whence I came.


Are people finally waking up from being brainwashed and ass-raped by Capcom?



Basically, I just said it in a more polite way.


Hopefully they’ll join Delta Red and start playing SNK games.


My area was SNK Country back in the day. Fatal Fury III, Metal Slug, Magical Drop and ESPECIALLY Samurai Shodown II dominated my local scene. I never truly left SNK either - even while SF4 was big, I still preferred and played KOFXI and NGBC.

As for small companies vs bigger ones, I think it’s all about being humble. When you are small, you appreciate every sale you can make. When you are big - who cares about one lost?

I also feel like Capcom is just not giving people what they want anymore - at least compared to how it was back in the day.

We loved SF2, but we want to play as the bosses. Bam! Champion Edition.

Wow, these hacked versions of Champion are really fun, but they are jank as all hell. I wish Capcom would make something this crazy and fast-paced that had a lot more polish. Bam! Hyper Fighting.

Capcom, we’re tired of the same characters over and over! Give us something new and unique to learn. Bam! Super.

So on and so forth.

Meanwhile, who the fuck really wanted Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and … that blue version of Akuma who’s name I honestly can’t even remember. I was going to Wikipedia it just so I don’t look stupid, but the fact that I can’t even remember his damn name should speak volumes.


I wouldn’t count myself amongst the ones screwed over by Capcom’s fighting games since I’ve only bought MvC3/UMvC3 and the two character HDC with 2 HDC costume packs (not counting my pre-order HDC costume pack). But yeah, like most people, I’m pissed for having to paying to access something I’ve already bought once.

I’ve really just been playing Soul Calibur, Arcana Heart, Smash Bros., and any other fighting games that weren’t from Capcom


I barely remembered it myself, it’s Oni, and I pretty sure I could only remember because you put me in the mindset of thinking about 3rd Strike’s Oro for some reason.

Edit: @Killah: Didn’t get SF X Tekken, but I probably will never buy it, and if I did I would probably split the difference with someone who would play it as much.


Never liked any SNK-related forums. Always preferred the games, though. I’m sure this comes as a big surprise.


Yeah I don’t plan on getting it any time soon, and if I ever do, It’ll probably when it’s in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart or if it’s $20 or less, or unless they make a super version less than a year later, and even then for $20 or less.

I’m also the dude on the front page that is saying 'you bought the $60.00 disk, and you are entitled to everything on it, since you’ve already payed for it".


Ah, ok. For some reason in your first post I thought you insinuated you had already bought it.


Capcom makes good games, their PR is just shit.

SNK needed to have the soundtrack to lure casuals in after XII bombed so hard.

SNK then proceeded to lose all casuals when the online was worse than… every other fighting game besides XII.


Oh, I go out of my way to show others the majesty of XIII.

Good point about the soundtrack though. I guess my initial point is that if Atlus and SNK can afford to do that, than certainly Capcom could.


Yeah, I guess it would have made sense to think I owned the game since this was an SFxTK thread.

If anything I’ll probably get TKxSF if it doesn’t get messed up to bad like Capcom did to this one. :confused:


Chances are SNK and Atlus do it at a loss for PR. They usually get a very limited run. It’s not cheap for anyone to pack in that much stuff.

KOF XIII is a good game but it has a much higher execution barrier then every other game and it can be frustrating to deal with.

I do wonder what the hell they were thinking with some of the commands. Higher execution does not mean more skill, it just means more bullshit to get used to until you can start to appreciate the game part.


You really think that soundtrack was there for casuals? It’s not like the soundtrack consisted of songs by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg. Only folks who would appreciate that soundtrack are the hardcore fans, the folks who have been with SNK at least since the late 90s.

Capcom tries too hard to get the casuals in, but they do it in the most ass way possible. There are ways to get casuals into a game without making the game part of the game utter trash. Good single-player modes (why are Survival, Time Attack and Special Event modes such a rarity these days? Especially considering they require next to no resources?), fan-favorite characters, tutorials that actually EXPLAIN the fucking game (I loved that U/MvC3 had no tutorial that explained how to play Phoenix Wright, Frank West, and other characters. Just a list of combos and good luck. By that same token, SNK dropped the ball by not properly explaining how Chin, Hwa, Ash and Shen work in their “Powered Up” modes) are just a few ways to do it without putting in some utterly broken comeback mechanic or some other silly shit. Lookit MK9 - I don’t even care for MK9, but the closest thing they did when it comes to comeback mechanics is a combo breaker that eats up two meters. Despite that, casuals eat the game up.


I believe it’s due to the fact that the gore is what’s selling the game. “OMG, I CAN RIP A DUDE’S HEART OUT OR SPLIT HIM IN HALF!”


Yeah, I guess your right. For some reason I keep forgetting about that part of it…

So, obviously, this means that they just need to replace all the hitsparks with blood, and casuals will be all over any game. Hope SNK is listening: Next time, instead of having Super KO’s rip off the clothing on people, have it rip off their skin!

Actually, just have it rip off more clothing. Get that DOA demographic. Do it to the guys, too - gotta get ladies playing these games somehow.