Beleza Elétrica: The Laura Thread

This is the real question. I want to say it is because Ryu’s in block animation. At first I thought it was a counter cuz BJJ. Maybe V-skill?

HELL YEAH get that stankfoot bitch outta here and breathe the fresh Brazilian sea breeze!

YAAAAS! I like her design. Her clothes are a little plain though. I hope she’s not a charge character.

omg i saw that on youtube once. It was hilarious. Now i have to main laura…karin has a new friend d:

In… Soooo in.

There is proximity guard in SFV, that’s why Ryu is blocking.

She looks good. Can’t telle anything about her gameplay, obviously. Too bad that leaks …

Sure thing buckaroo…

Obviously Blanka’s and Sakura’s daughter.

You know after looking more closely that this pic. I think it’s a still shot of her Critical Art.

At least we finally have an electric character in a numbered SF game who actually looks attractive.

Her V Trigger is a command grab; look at the pictures. It’s got a changed camera angle + empty V Gauge.

So no, she’s not a grappler.

I’m gonna guess it’s a short range projectile like Dan’s.

I don’t know, man, some people probably wanna bang Ryu.

Now when this trailer supposed to drop?

Female, hot, with feminine mannierisms and demeanor… something feels wrong, Capcom hasn’t designed a character like this since SF4. Prepare for Ono to drop the bomb and announce she’s a single mom or post op transexual.

Looks cool. I can’t wait to see her in action.

Probably before the Brazil game show.

Do you guys think the uproar about Zangief’s reveal was loud enough that Capcom told Famitsu to leak this early as damage control? It just doesn’t look very professional of Famitsu to reveal Laura before her intended date.

I wouldnt be suprised if laura is released tomorrow and next week is a teaser or something.