Bellingham Street fighter. LFG

im a bellingham honda player that is looking for other local players. online or offline

There’s me (Jamie), Cody (who’s kind of leaving the scene slowly at the moment with a wedding on the way, moving, and all), Reggie (lives near WWU), and quite a few players who hang around Tilt and Reset. Feel free to call and get some more info on the scene and whatnot. We’re always looking for new players!

My cell:(360)202-0227

ok cool. i was at the Reset games tournament the other night but i got bodied

Oh? Who did you lose to? Reggie was the black guy playing Adon, Cody was the 6’3" white guy with glasses playing Cammy, Kumar (and kumar’s little brother, who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me) was playing ryu, Matt was playing ryu, mark was playing ryu, btw. All decent regular players. That tourney wasn’t very diverse in characters from the sound of things. Hahaha

This one time, I was a Bellingham Honda player.

Omg. That is my new favorite avatar on SRK. :rofl:

i lost to a Ryu and a Sagat. not sure who was playing them.

i remember Reggie. he had a really good adon. did he win?

Yeah, Reggie won. Kumar’s little bro got second, can’t remember who got third, and cody got fourth. Wish I could have been there.

Oh hello, I posted in the other thread a few months ago but never heard from anyone. I figured everybody was just busy with finals and the holiday etc. Anyway I’ve been looking to get some live games in for awhile now, I’m also nearby WWU. I play Makoto and Fei Long mostly. Are you guys still having weekly get togethers on Thursdays?

No, the person who was hosting that is moving. But I’m sure we can arrange something else, provided someone has the ability to host. Could definitely see if Reggie is up to it.

YO! Bellingham wud uppp! Gene and I (Adam) chill out and train offline together almost every night at my place. We have played games competitively for like 10 years and we run’s fighting games section. I just bought the Asus evo monitor because I found out my samsung dlp is a laggy piece of shit. He plays mains Rufus, I main Fei, but we have experience with most of the cast. We REALLY need matchup experience! We basically have only played each other since vanilla came out and it was our first fighter.

I can totally host a few people at my place, it’s big enough but noise is definitely a concern. Nothing major, just apartment woes. I live off of Woburn and Alabama. If anyone wants to come over tonight for some offline play we’ll be here playing from around 8pm onward. Gimme a text or call on my cell 214-538-0885. I’d also like to talk to people about maybe setting up something more regular, some sort of Bellingham dojo thing. Also someone has set up a Blackdrop (coffee place) tourney soon… So we may be able to set something up with them.

My scrubby ass is also located in BHAM. I mainly play at the BLE events with Cody, and he beats me pretty regularly, but I would be up for getting a group of people together for a more regular play schedule.
Also, is anyone going to be switching from SSF4 to MvC3? I know I will be, and would definitely be up to getting a Bham scene around it.

I will be converting, so please let us know when you plan on hosting sessions!

Anyone up for games tonight? Hit me up at (360)202-0227

Adam and I will both be converting to marvel when it comes out. I’ve been playing around with the idea of regular Bham ranbats too if people are interested.

Thanks to those who came out to Adam’s tonight. Crazy we were playing so near each other and never met up. GGs.

Seems like there is enough interest in getting a regular ranbat going to make that worth while. And it looks like the SF2 tournament at Blackdrop was a success too so I’ll speak with them and see if they’re interested in doing anything regular.

Thanks for having us! Hopefully we can get more sessions in soon. You guys all leveled up over the course of just one night, so I’d like to see what you could get out of regular sessions like that.

Are people going to ever return any texts and come out to play? Or are you all holed up in the lab?

any of you guys here for the summer? I am in need of people to play with. Having nobody to practice with since i moved here this summer is making my game go to complete shit. i should be available every day around 8pm or so

Hey, just so everyone knows. It’s a privilege to know and play with EazyG. Real talk.

Wow, totally missed this. Yeah, it was a pleasure playing him before. He was at the Bay City tourney we ran last winter that tanked so hard. Hahaha

We still play at Toney’s pretty regularly. Look up the Bellingham Fighting Game Community group on Facebook if you got it. Nobody really uses SRK anymore.