Bellingham, WA SF4?

Yo all,

My friends and I are pretty SF/2D fighter newbie. Most of us are competitive or ex-competitive RTS and FPS players and we thought we’d give SF a try so we jumped into HD remix when it came out and we loved it.

We’ve been playing SF now for a couple months and have the basics down. We jumped into SF4 on release and we’re enjoying that too. Our skill level is best described as learning.

So the question is there any kind of meetup/ tourny scene in the city??


You’re late… I graduated two years ago and have been living in Asia since.

There are a couple members on here still living up in that direction. The only one I can think of actually IN Bellingham is Gogandantes (SP?) though. He used to visit my apartment every week for Marvel. We somehow psychically shaved our heads on the same day without knowing… strange.

I think there were a few others living down by Bellis Fair (SP?), too. Not sure if they’re still up there or if they moved Southward since.

Hey Genezorz,

There are definitely some people you can meet up with to play. Your best bet would be the Mt. Vernon crew, but anytime you can make it down to Seattle, there is usually something going on every week if not more.

The Mt Vernon guys come up to my place every now and then to play games. Hit me up on aim or with a pm if you wanna get together sometime and play.

I go to Western, but I’m doing an internship in Olympia this quarter.

I’ll be back up in Bellingham the first week of April probably, hit me up then. My skill level can definitely be described as “learning” as well :smiley:

I am reasonably free for the rest of the week. And in Bellingham.