Bellville SF players?

Uhh yeah…thats right I said it

Going to be in Bellville for about a month…it’s going to be a long month. I also didnt want to start a “Bellville whores?” thread.

So lets stick with SF.

Yang from Waterloo moved back to Belleville this month (I think that’s the place). His username is zaijian2009 if you want to pm him.

Oh shit that dude is sick at 3S.

ooookay are there any players in belleville that i cant play in Toronto?

Ugh Im like an hour away from Belleville, and I’m also the best 3S player in the world.

My condolences marvin

apparantly I’m not longer needed in Belleville. They’re deciding whether i’m going to Montreal or Bellville

Nagatata please delete thread