Bemani Thread: IIDX, Pop'n Music, Guitar Freaks, etc

Quick intro for people who don’t know what Bemani is:
It is Konami’s rhythm game division, with each game having its own unique controller. In DDR you get to use your feet. In Beatmania you get a DJ mixing board. In Pop’n you will get to slap hamburger sized buttons with your hands and so on

Myself I don’t play most of these games, just Pop’n Music. I normally play 16, even though the newest is 18 I haven’t played it before

Is anyone else into these games @ SRK?

I think someone made a Bemani thread a few months back but it was quickly lost in GD. I’ve been a huge fan for years, starting out on DDR 2nd mix at a skate park near my old house in MD and from where picked up a KOC controller and got all the IIDX games from 6 through 12. I love PnM but never had the cash to drop on an ASC. I haven’t picked up any of the new IIDX games since HS but after playing Sirius AC a couple months ago at Magfest I’m getting really hype for that.

Djdao asc’s are gorgeous, you should really save up and get one if you’re into it.
Sirius looks pretty cool, the back scratching looks pretty fun.

aww lol.

Back scratching is a pain in the ass. I was skeptical of hold notes but they’re actually pretty fun, except for scratching on a fast song. [media=youtube]j7exmy6hWns"[/media].

And I have an ASC now, the wiring is messy so I have to fix it a lot and I end up just playing on the KOC most of the time. I would just rather not play PnM on anything other than an ASC since the difference is much bigger in that than in IIDX.

Jesus, that is awesome
lol i think everyone was skeptical about hold notes, most people don’t like them very much in general, but i don’t hate em it mixes it up and they’re fun. aint killin it too because i’ve heard you can just turn it off.

and yeah pop’n is alright on other controllers but its nothing like the real controller

haven’t tried any of the others but pop’n 16 is one of the most fun rhythm games i’ve ever played so i guess i’ll chime in and thank you again for helping me with it

i’m terrible at it but it’ still damn fun

If you are bad you should play on 5 buttons first.

Yeah IIDX is probably my favorite game series of all time. I have a DJ DAO ASC and a pop’n ASC as well (that needs a new pcb and some other work done :P). I’m actually making my arcade stick IIDX themed and it will have all 11of the GOLI IIDX girls on it.

Also, I’m hoping IIDX 17 (if it gets a CS release… I’M LOOKING AT YOU POP’N) goes on ps3. Region free possible DLC, and maybe even online leaderboards for it have me hoping for a ps3 release.

Promise me a picture of that when you’re finished. :wgrin:

lol…like the 4th-5th bemani-related tread. I’m not even gonna bother posting the same stuff I do in every other one. :rofl:. but yeah, DDR, IIDX, PIU (not bemani…but superior…>.>), Dancemania, ParaPara, Guitarfreaks etc. etc. are pretty godlike. right behind or tied with fgames for me (except for the crack that is marvel that occupies most of my gaming time)

hey has anyone played dj max technika

platnium club

Are there no Drummaniacs in SRK? I checked the old bemani thread ages ago and it was mostly 2DX talk. My dedication to it has mostly recessed ever since I realized I’ll need a job to continue any further, but once in a blue moon I’ll have the sudden urge to go smack some drums. (or play nonstop if I’m in HK, their machines are motherfucking cheap as hell) Used to be a high 80s player…I wonder if I can even get an S on Fairy Tales anymore. :\

As far as like home setups for DM go, you could always just dump like 100 bux on the ps2 controllers if you can stand the horrible ass pedal

And if you are seriously into it like a Yamaha DTXplorer (which is like an extreme those things are pretty expensive) but don’t know what else there is other than that, I dont play DM as much either. Haven’t even touched v5/v6/v7 before.

Did anyone in the U.S/Canada ever import a Jubeat machine?

IIdx was one of my favorite games of all times. I played it for about 4 years straight I wanna say… I never played seriously after 9th style came out. I didn’t like the style and any time I played it, I would only play quasar[a] and moon child[a]. Had like a 300 play count on moon child lol and thats not even counting all of the times I would just restart… I was definitely a trend setter in the game though. I believe(get it?) I was the one(get it?) that switched(get it) everyone to another mode in the US pretty much.

Up until Happy sky I was able to pass every song on Hard and I think there were about 6-7 songs total that I didn’t AAA on another on red… I tried getting back into iidx when red came out and played for a month decided to release tatsujin vids: [media=youtube]MT49GKeqv54]YouTube - Gold Lab[a[/media] (1st in US by 50 points at the time)

[media=youtube]UaBMw8__CoU&feature=related]YouTube - Gold Act[a[/media] (1st in US at the time but 9 points under my actual record)

and [media=youtube]jBPNfvGGwc4&feature=related]YouTube - DJ GOLD V[a[/media] which was just a AAA cuz someone requested the song. I had like 3rd place on that for a while too, don’t think I ever put the score up on the ranking site just looked and was like oh wow…after not playing for a few months. Carpal tunnel owns you if you play this game like I did and I doubt I’ll ever get that serious about it again.

pop’n 19 cartoony block party

lok test with this and metal gear 3d like…tomorrow i think

Don’t bump this thread until they announce Sirius for a home system.

yea right lol

get some hdd data

I never played the game, but I heard and loved the music on it.
Hellscaper is a favorite of mine.

this game is the shit
if only the us version didn’t suck balls because that’s all i have
(referring to beatmania, there’s a bowling alley around here that has pop’n but i’m not about to pay 2 bucks a game)