Ben Heck Show - Required viewing for Team Tech Talk

Ben Heck, modder extraordinaire, has a show up.
I found out about it from here which has the first episode up:
Make: Online : The Ben Heck Show premiers

Sure, its pretty geeky, but the vast majority of what he does directly relates to most of the work we do here, even him pointing out things he looks for to make sure he’s hacking a common ground pad.

Hells yeah!


He looks like he’s enjoying his work too much huh? Good stuff indeed, thanks for the thread!

Watched it today. I have always been a fan of Ben Heck.

I wish I got that channel just for this show. I want to see if I can buy it directly. Heh.

this is awesome. thanks for the heads up

Revision3, Has done great work sponsoring shows and getting peoples names out there

Been following his work ever since. Good thing he’s funny and can hold up a show that isn’t boring. Here’s the link to where each eps released

great find thank you for sharing

It’s so crazy that this guy has been doing this for so long. I remember when I first heard of him because of an EGM issue I got that had an article about his portable Atari 2600. Crazy what he’s been up to since those days. I remember wanting one of his portable 2600s soooo bad.

did he just pretty much ghetto rig some mircoswitches for the pedals? mans thas some creative work! can wait to see more of this show

I wonder why he just didn’t try to point the guy to the E-Dimensions one handed controller he designed?

I wandering the same thing, but it’d make for a pretty boring show.
I was mostly wondering why he didn’t have the guy describe his idea of the perfect controller. Maybe I’m being ignorant, but it would seem to me that if you were going to get a custom controller made because of a physical limitation, then any gamer worth his salt would know exactly how he wanted things to be controlled within his ability. If it were me with a limitation of only one hand, I’d want an arcade stick case with 24mm buttons, and a analog stick with a a 360 thumbcap on it instead of a normal digital stick. Add a slide switch to select if the analog stick controller LS/DP/RS, and an additional pair of sliders to toggle X and Y axises from the thumbstick. That’d take care of 90+% of my gaming; fighting, arcade, shmup, RPG, and everything pre-N64 including most PSX titles. For the other (FPS) needs, it’d be the comfortable handle of a good flightstick, with two rows of tactile buttons on the grip for each finger, with an analog POV hat and Dpad on the top both usable by the thumb, and a 3 axis gyro chip inside the handle to convert angular change from top dead center to right analog. And that’s just off the top of my head, and totally possible (okey the gyro would take a little work, but frankly not much) but it would seem that a gamer in this sort of position would have given it some serious hefty thought.

crosbred, you got any opinion on this?

Been following him ever since he made the NES portable. His 360 cable mod has saved me money for pizza and beer. Will definitely give this a view.

From the sounds of it, the guy hasn’t had that particular disability for very long. Most people aren’t very dexterous with their ring and pinky fingers, and there’s no way you’re going to just be able to pick up the E-Dimensions controller if you’ve spent most of your life relying on two hands. This controller was being built with a deadline in mind, and he wanted something he could just pick up and play almost immediately.

from what i hear that controller sucks pretty bad. i’ve been working on a one hander for a long time now and the dude’s a real pita with what he wants/needs (and thinks possible) lol. he picked up the heck 1-hander in the meantime, said it was unplayable, and has since went back to 1st party pads.