Benimaru Combos and Glitches

"List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread." -Majestros

Well, as we all know A-groove is by far Beni’s best groove, since his CC’s do pretty good damage and he has RC’s. So what’s the most damaging CC for Benimaru? The most I got was a little over 8100, but I messed up and did the super to early.

Aside from A-groove, he has some decent combos super-wise.

Corner C-groove:

c.fp xx lvl 2 lightning fist xx dp+hp, juggle with lvl 1 lightning fist. dmg: 7700

c.fp xx lvl 1 lightning fist, juggle with lvl 1 lightning fist. dmg: 5215

Anywhere: x3, xx lvl 1 dash super. dmg: 3313

A traded hk dp, juggle with any lvl lightning fist

lvl 1:3930 lvl 2:5336 ,into lvl 1:7425 lvl 3:6890


Basic AA CC: hk dp, whiff, [j.fp x3]xN, fp lightning fist. xx super lightning fist


Basic ground CC: xx qcf+k, s.fp xN, f+mk xx elect trigger super


I’ll add damage later, and the “nicer looking” CC’s. The most damaging CC I could get from him was in the corner:

s.fp x8, qcf+mp, qcf+hp xN, elect trigger super

Damage: a little more than 8.5k
I’ll post more later.

I think the most damaging cc is st. fierce x n, then in the corner you have to well timed flash punch. The timing is too strict for me so I just do fpxn, lunge kick superthrow.

Although I get to use his antiair cc way more.

dp+hk, whiff, j.fp xN, super lightning fist. You can land and hp lightning fist then super at the end also.

hey I’m kind of new to all this fighting game lingo…so what does whiff mean?

means have the move stick out, but not hit the opponent. in a-groove it’s used to cancel a move that takes forever to recover (like a fierce) into a jab, which recovers in no time. from there you can superjump and hit the opponent.

It means to miss a move. You cancel to dp+k into a, which misses, then continue the CC. So far I got 8.5K CC with Beni, can anyone get 9000?

I started using beni in S-groove recently, anyway on big characters:
(based on S damage, sorry.(on normal) Big character combos done on A gief
Regular combos done on A Ryu

1.close,, c.fp, qcfx2+k (level 1 DMG:4300) (level 3 DMG:7349)
2.close c.Lkx4,, qcfx2+k (level 1 DMG:3725) (level 3 DMG:6744)
3.close c.lkx3, c.fp, qcfx2+k (level 1 DMG:3955) (level 3 DMG:6986)

On regular characters:

1.close,,, qcfx2+k (level 1 DMG:3840) (level 3 DMG:6866)
2.I also use c.Lkx2, c.fp, qcfx2+k (level 1 DMG:3725) (level 3 DMG:6745)

You can also try DP+P into any level qcfx2+p.
Also into any level qcfx2+p.

Bnb’s I like:

1.c.Lkx3, qcf+fk,, hcb+fk
3.c.mpx2, hcb+fk qcf+fk, D, U+k

The thing I like about S-groove beni, is that if you land any qcf+k super you can charge up half a bar or more because you recover before there body even hits the ground.

Any Fk throw on a opponent without safe fall, is a gauranteed full level 1 bar (not when life is red, but you can at least get half).

Any combo ending with HCB+K and canceled after guarantee’s a nice amount of bar. Anyway enough of my S groove rambling hope these combos help.

I play K-Beni… he can shoto rushdown. If he had an overhead, he would be alot better.

As far as the rushdown goes, all of his crouching punches leave him at a POSITIVE frame advantage (+7 for jab, +5 for strong, +3? for fierce). Also, lets not forget that you can link a c.fierce after either his c.jab or c.short (they’re both +7, and c.fierce hits after it’s 6th frame) and the c.fierce is also super cancellable (I usually will go for the kick super… damage is damage). So basic rushdown would be run c.strong run c.jab c.fierce wait react to what they do, repeat. S.Jab ticks into either the command grab or the command grab super, but you have to learn the distances. Far s.roundhouse is one of his best pokes, as well as c.forward. If any rushing c.strong or c.jab connects, I usually do the qcf hk knee (+5) and if that connects deep enough, I’ll go for the d,u+k finisher. He doesn’t take hits all that well, so you have to instill the fear of god in them before you can rush down. Zone, then rush. Mix it up, he can’t keep a continuous rush going, at least from my experience.

I don’t know if this any useful. I use benimaru in A and if you try and do the custom combo with the hard punch and you mess up and the oppopnent starts blocking it. You can so the hcb+k special to chip (it does a good amount) and then end it with a into the hcbx2 punch super.

A CC I like to do is: s.fp x n, c. roundhouse, fp.lightning fist, into dash super. Does okay damage but looks badass.

I was thinking of making a combo video for Benimaru, but I don’t wanna end up putting in hella generic stuff that people have already seen.

Someone wanna list some GENERIC ass c-groove/a-groove combos/customs that pretty much everyone already knows about?

I’ve only started using him very recently, so I don’t know the basic stuff people do with Beni. That, and I play K-Groove so I don’t really have to think about C/A fancy stuff. I’ve already come up with a few things for C/A, but I wanna know if everyone else already does it.

So yeah… Name some generic stuff that all Beni users already know about.

I’ll try to come up with a list of generic stuff by Friday, too lazy right now, lol. The stuff in the first post most people know about, except the juggle from the traded dp.

antiair activate dp+k, whiff lk, jump fierce x n

activate fierce x n

on a ducking opponent activate, low mk, qcf k, fwd mk, fierce x n

antiair activate [dp+k, whiff fwd mk] x n

that’s pretty generic hi keith!

edit er I guess I’m duping ppl’s combos…

One combo i’ve always wanted to see was puffy punch x n agasint a standing opponent.

Thanks you guys

Joe: Go back to your first post in this thread… You mentioned a custom like “fpxn, lunge kick superthrow.” Are you ending the custom with the grab super? That doesn’t work does it?
Also, “on a ducking opponent activate…” Why is this particular cc done on a ducking opponent?

I THINK I got some unique stuff already, but I haven’t really sat down to plan this thing out so it’s all just random thoughts and training mode sessions as of now…

yeah, fwd mk at the end of the punches then end it with the superthrow, it works. You usually don’t even have to do fwd mk; it just gives you more time to do the hcbx2 p.

The reason I say ducking opponent combo is because some characters duck under his fierce. You can do roundhousexn on a ducking opponent, but if you can connect the knee on them, it will stand them up and you can switch fiercexn.

really wTF? you can land a grab super while the guy is still in hitstun and it’ll combo? it’s not a setup/reset is it? it’s an actual combo? i guess i’ll just try for myself. that’s pretty cool

oooh… i thought his s.fierce from close hits all crouching opponents (me = noob). i didn’t know about the knee lifting up crouchers neither. QUIT HOARDING THE BENI SECRETS JOE!!!

Well I coulda sworn I’ve done the combo plenty of times at bearcade. I think it’s cuz I suck so bad now that you don’t remember the last time u saw me landing a CC on someone. hehehehecry

Ok, so I try out the JOE-CUSTOM and I guess it does indeed work. I still have no idea how the system lets you chain a grab super after a normal in custom mode…

So yeah, I came up with some decent stuff today in A-Groove but some of it is hard as hell and I can imagine it being a bitch to do this damn video. It’s gonna be like making the Maki video all over again; except it should be a lot shorter.

fyi that cc was in the very first cvs2 a groove vid put up by srk =). So i can’t call it mine…it’s like Tom Cannon’s or something!

the joe-custom is antiair activate: dp+k,standing mp, fwd+mk till the corner and do some jumping fierce stuff. It’s shit damage but hey at least i figured that one out by myself way back in the day hehehesob

and that combograb stuff seems like it’s a feature of agroove, like with gief u can st.fierce xx spd, which is actually useless but hey.

Cammy can close s.fp then walk foward and link a grab, lol.