BenQ monitor Setup?



Got me a new PC monitor, but got one that was nice and high on the list in the “excellent” input lag section on display lag. However the monitor has lots of different settings, and I’ve no idea which will be the best for input lag.

It has a selection of pre-made settings and options for 3 custom settings.

Premade settings are:

[] Standard
] Movie
[] Photo
] sRGB
[] Eco
] RTS 1
[*] RTS 2 (For DOTA2 Games)

While the list of options for setting up the custom settings is quite large and largely I have no idea what will be optimal for SFV (other than Instant Mode will probably want to be on)

Unfortunately its not a monitor, like some of their others, where you can download pre-made settings, so it looks like I’ll need to create my own, but I don’t really know where to start with it. Does anyone know of a place I can just copy the settings from etc?



Honestly, just pick settings that are comfortable to your eyes and make sure you have visual clarity on what’s going on. Don’t fret too much on the settings, some are optimized for certain games, true. But whatever works best for you works best for only you (in terms of monitor settings/debates in attitude). We can give suggestions, but no definitive answer. But for me, I own a BenQ RL2460 or something like that, and I think it is the same monitor as you have and I keep mines nothing majorly changed or anything. Btw all settings will pretty much have the same amount of input lag as another as far as I know, but anyone is free to prove me wrong on that.


I also have a Ben Q Monitor (RL2455HM), I suggest keep to standard settings or use one of the setting labeled “GAMER”.
I have to scroll down to see those 3 settings.

Movie and Photo settings are useless when it comes to gaming, they prioritize a pretty picture over input lag. Photo is only useful if you do alot of Digital photography work.
Eco is only there if you are really, really, really concern over total energy consumption of your entire home and “every little bit counts”. I suggest turning the monitor off when not in use.

I can’t comment about the RTS settings, and MOBAs are not my thing. Which I find MOBAs are more MMORPGs Minus the RPG and only PVP (single or group) gameplay.

Now the Gamer 1, 2, and 3 setting are worth looking into if your monitor has this setting. They effect the amount of blue light (and maybe brightness) that comes from the screen and possibly reduce eye strain.
It effect color accuracy to a degree but it as I said before supposed to reduce eye strain. I am not sure if it reduce Input lag, but the Ben Q has very low input lag for the Industry standards.

You can go to this URL and download the manual to your monitor if you want more info

I think the RL2460 has additional software to load with additional settings.


Gamer 1, 2, 3 are presets that are saved from other modes.
By default, Gamer 1 defaults to FPS1, Gamer 2 defaults to FPS2 and Gamer 3 defaults to RTS.

But if you save Standard Mode into Gamer 1 preset, then gamer 1 preset becomes an exact copy of standard mode. Then you can use the S-switch or navigate the presets to recall them.

The XL2430T screwed this up however, which confused and pissed people off, as Gamer 1, 2 and 3 are permanently hardwired to FPS1, 2 and RTS (low level) modes, even if Standard mode (or another mode) is saved into it. Then the OSD settings you saved get recalled but the LOW LEVEL color calibrations are NOT saved…instead the FPS1, etc calibrations get recalled.


Oh NVM, that is what I get for not remembering stuff I did like a year ago.
I got a custom setting for Gamer 1, forgot what I actually did now. That was before I threw out the paper manual.


So if I save Standard Mode to Gamer 1, and then turn on Instand Mode for the reduction in input latency that should be a good starting point?

Then tweak the colours/contrast/brightness to suit etc?


Color and brightness tweaking is more for personal prefrence than anything else.
Its not going to give you a huge edge in the front of input lag.

I tweaked my settings for the least amount of eye strain.


Yes that would work well. At least on standard mode, you don’t have people’s skin looking like plastic smurf hobbit midget monsters…
the other modes are for seeing crap better in fps or rts games.
I mean…do you really want blue turned into sky blue and brown into orange?


Looking at the list of things you can tweak, it would be the Black eQualiser, AMA and Instant mode that are likely to make the difference


Insta Mode and AMA is the only things that make a real difference.