BenQ Monitors + Other Questions

Actually in the market for a new monitor, can anyone explain to me what the hell “fighting game mode” is on the Benq monitors?

Bullshit marketing.

Its sorta what Smash Bro said, its to help Analyze game play with some colors or something but there better tools that do the same task.
Unless you do alot of streaming and don’t want HDMI splitters to introduce any lag you got for one of the cheaper Ben Q monitors like the RL2455HM.
Both Amazon and Newegg has the monitor for sale (at the time of writing).

Just what I needed to see. Was gonna ask about recommended BenQ monitors for a decent budget. What exactly makes the monitors with “fighting game mode” good for streaming? No HDMI splitters needed?

I don’t know, but I do know that BenQ monitors have 8ms of lag, and thus are not the most optimal for fighting games. ASUS has monitors with .7ms of lag for the same price. Though you’d have faster response time than Evo or other majors…

And why is that? My guess would be BenQ has a contract/sponsorship same reason why PlayStation consoles were used in Evo over 360 despite the worse version of SFIV.

I doubt the authenticity of that 0.7ms result.

False, 8ms is excellent input lag time for a monitor its actually 10ms not 8 but that is still excellent time.

What a stupid post.

You doubt the authenticity of it? Cool. I don’t. I trust the article and writers who reviewed it.

I never said 8ms wasn’t good. It is. However .7 is better. Case closed.

Another “I just want to argue for the sake of arguing” SRK shit post.

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What ASUS model numbers have .7ms of lag in that price range?

The ASUS VG248QE because the test was done in 144hz, so at 60hz it probably has around 3-4ms, still great but you won’t notice a difference between that and 8ms in a 60 fps game, both are under a frame.

The problem, with that 0.7ms that site you gave is? What is their testing method? How did they get the 0.7ms input lag. Did they test once or test multiple times? If they test multiple times, is the score the high value, low value, average or median?

If those questions can’t be answered then I will go with the’s results which came up differently. At least with Display lag dot com you can see their testing methodology, what equipment they used and how they calculated their results.

Part of science is reproducing those results again using the same testing procedures.

Newegg has a pretty good sale on monitors right now, some are marked down quite a bit.

ok so I recently purchased gootecksb book on SF and found out about these monitors. So I did a search here and found this very informative thread. I have a question. Would my Sony playstation 3d tv with has 4ms input lag be a disadvantage for me or is it small enough to not matter? I actually barely used this display. But I plan on taking SFV seriously and I’m going to EVO so I want to have the standard equipment.

Are you sure it has 4ms input lag or response time there’s a big difference.

To add on to what Tensho talking about, Response time is the time it takes for the pixels to change or refresh on the screen, input lag is the delay from the actual video input to the events going on Screen.

If you mean the Playstation Monitor I’m pretty sure that monitor has 2 frames of lag (32ms). I am writing this post on mine.

I’ll have a look at this article. I read another one that said input lag. if its a whole 2 frames then I think I’m better off with my 4k vizio.
That one has 15ms , but I could be mistaking that. I have to recheck all my specs again. I’m getting confused. lol thanks for responding everyone. Will. this have a serious impact with my timing when I go to EVO? I mean I’m not the best but I will try my absolute hardest at this.

Edit: ok so I read it. Sony has the tv set for motion flow to stay permanently on. so input lag is 33ms. they also said its noticeable compared to faster monitors so i guess thats out. Now do I really want to shell out about $250 for a monitor? hmmm… I could sell my sony display and the hit won’t be so bad. lol. but who would buy the lol.

Edit 2: ok so according to my vizier has 21.3ms input lag. so thats like a frame and a half? I guess I can eat with that. I was a little bummed I couldn’t really use my vizier since its 60" and had to use the sony display. now I can put this thing back in the closet until I sell it. lol no big, I got it on the black friday when they were only $100 at bestbuy a few years ago. barely used it since.

Edit 3: has my tv input lag measured at 18.5ms so thats just a little over a frame right?

Check it on this website: This site is legit I’m pretty sure.

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