BENSKI's Request an Avatar Thread-month or so(CLOSED)




Ha ha! Good shit, man. This should yield some good stuff. Good luck to ya.



I’ll come request something in a week or two XP


Damn some really nice stuff man.


I already said something about your work in the other thread but I’m going to say something in this thread.

Bad Ass!


thnx for the remarks, much appreciated.


can i request a sentinel avatar with my name Vader on it…an animated one would be nice…kinda like my size or bigger and wider


sure np. do u have a pic if not ill provide one.


noo im srry …what can u provide


here u go, glad u like it vader.


Woah, fucking A+ work BENSKI, keep it up. :tup:
Can I ask one quick question though? How/where did you learn to do animations in avatars?


lol i learned in SRK,youll be surprised what image mishmash could provide :slight_smile: look around for tips and tutorials and jst keep practicing.


Was hoping you’d link me a site that might have some Gimp tutorials since SRK’s tutorials are for photoshop users. Thanks for taking the time to answer the question though.



I want that Laker avy one SOOOO BADDDD


lol ^^ got it for taito i believe. maybe he doesnt want it :slight_smile:

@vad3r: for ur bro

srry its too late now for me to edit for blue/yellow. need some sleep.


here u go. if u need adjusting or so on let me know.


I’d snatch it up but I don’t wanna be a dick and use Okuna’s avy for a lil more than just two-ish days.

Right clicks


LOL, I was gonna PM you about that. But yeah, cool with me if you go ahead and request something :razz:


Is it possible for you to do an avatar like the Arakune one you made, except for Carl and him doing the loop in this video from 0:50 to 0:52?



ill wrk on tht tmrw, but could u possibly find a video in youtube instead.

im out for tonite, back tmrw after class.


why do you cut so many frames out of the animated gif sprites?