Berkeley / Brocade thread


yes. it’s the new one. maybe it’ll doublepost for fuck.

this is where old fools come to talk about the good old days, and where n00bs come and get ignored, but eventually brought into the circle jerk of gay.


oh yeah need new avatar.


“Circle Jerk of Gay Thread” would’ve been perfect.

So I’m trying to figure out what’s going down once $uperSF4 comes out. I’d feel dumb getting another Xbox and a lot of people are playing on PS3 because it’s become tournament-standard.

But lobbies are going to be fucking sick, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on doing that shit with you homos.

So let’s do another roll-call: Are you gonna play it on PS3, Xbox, or both?


i want in on this circle jerk action.


posting in the gayest thread on srk

i’m getting $$F4 on 360 as always. just dual mod your shit bihn, then you won’t have to worry about it! used 360 are hella cheap too but i guess if there’s shit you want to play on PS3 you should go for it. i’m pretty sure nobody but dan and elton own a PS3 anyway?


Thinking Xbox, but who knows. Fuck the PC version.


I own a PS3 mofo and probably will get it for the PS3 to play with my top mas.

Bihn, it’s not like we ever play online anymore anyway so why does it matter? Just get it for whatever.


Dual modding is not a problem. I already have at least one stick that works on either console.

The problem is that at the moment, I don’t have any console that can go online.

Also–anyone want to play tonight? (Hella short notice.)


ill prolly be playing it on PS3 eventually, but I’ll prolly need to dual mod my stick too for the hell of it.

And epic end to the previous thread with a double post; epic start to this thread with a double post. Epic 4 lyfe


Posting in epic thread



Add me… I’m almost never on. But if I am, it’s free winz for you. =P



Games on Friday or Saturday??? Not going back to Milpitas after all…


FIRST PAGE YEAH. i’ll be on ps3 for ssf4


I might be in on Friday for a little while, not 100% sure yet though if I’m available at night
Gotta drop by your place at some point since you got a dual layer burner though =D


I’m not liking FFXIII so far…


So when are you guys playing??? I’m free any day after 12pm


Any of y’all on dat GGPO?


People still play JRPGs? Shit…


The best part is the black guy named Suds. Or at least that’s what he used to be called at like E3 or something.


so i heard ffxiii gameplay is in 576p on 360 and 720p on ps3. also FMVs are 576p on 360 and 1080p on ps3. HMMMMM