Berkeley-Davis Tournament - 4/24/2004

Saturday, April 24th, 2004.
BEARcade @ UC Berkeley

BEARcade website:

Signups at noon
Games start at two

Featured Games
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Soul Calibur 2

Team Games*
Third Strike
Guilty Gear XX

Side Games**
Alpha 3
Super Turbo
Tekken Tag
King of Fighters 2003

Double Elimination in all games
2/3 games to a match, but
1 game to a match in CVS2
(will change to 2/3 later rounds)
Teams will face off gauntlet-style,
meaning winner of previous match stays on
to face the next team member, etc.

$5 entry fee for featured games
$15 entry fee per team of 3 for team games
$2 entry fee for side games

60/30/10 split for prize money.
70/30 if less than ten entrants.

*Teams must consist of 3 players, with each player using a unique character. For example, Ricky/Tae/LB cannot use Ken/Chun/Ken because there is more than one player using Ken. Ken/Chun/Ryu would be acceptable because each player is using a character not used by any of his teammates.
**Side games will only be held if 8+ people sign up

Is there a minimum number of participants for the singles games? I’d hate to show up and find out that 4 people isn’t enough for a tournament :bluu: , not that I hope it will happen, but still.

bihn likes deleting and remaking threads…


team lovvlez

lb/tae/venkat for 3s


team glitter

lb/tae/ricky for ggxx


sex it up

team korean and ortiz: for 3S and GGXX:

Me, Eric Choi, Ricky

Team loveyourselvesbiyatches:

LB, Venkat, Ryan

taesty is a big fat traitor >: (

fuck you

team top tier so no love for you teasty

lb/ricky/eric in ggxx


team top tier so no love for you teasty and venkitty (rhymes)

lb/ricky/eric in 3s




Scamp made me do it…

So what are the teams looking like?

my post. ^^

anyways, where the mods at, sticky this biatch.

Both mods of the Pac North forum live somewhere completely outside of the area.

anyone want to be on my team?


If there is a chun in the team dudley will come out of retirement…


K… new teams…

team taesty/teasty/tae

ggxx: potemkin, sol, venom
3S: chun li, urien, ken

but yea… but all of us don’t like to be seen with each other so you’ll never see us together… is that ok?

I will be on Venkat team 3s

sex~ which character? and all that matters is a sexy team name anyways ^ ^


scooby dooby doooooooooooo

Well so far I think there has been only 4 people posting about teams and 2 of them are joking around.

I think it would be nice to have a random draw for teams. It’s more interesting and fair that way.

When they sign up, make them write down there character, then put the same character users into a group and then randomly draw people from the groups w/ other people who use different characters. That way noone can whine about not getting Ricky to join their team. hehe.

But never the less the amount of Ken and Chun-Li players will be too great to avoid same character usage on a team. Asside from forcing people to write down 2nd choice characters or something I don’t know what you can do. But we will just have to see…

I think Tanaka’s idea is so good that you should delete this thread and replace it.

I’m not so sure there would be that many Chun-Li entrants, but there would probably be too many Kens.