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Berserk is a great series in that it has a deep story and characters that you can connect with. Let me also add that this is one bloody fuckin manga. An example of how violent this series is are the manga covers, look at one of the manga covers, it has Casca all naked on top of Guts, whos nakedness is covered Casa’s naked body, and also his blood.

Synopsis: … I’ll try not to spoil it if you get interested in this manga.
Guts is looking for revenge on his former ally, Griffith. After Going through one of the most terrible moments in his life, he makes a crew and sets off on a journey to help Casca, Gut’s lover. From the deep pain and suffering she experienced in the past, Casca has lost her mind and travels with Guts to bring her memory back. Along the way, they meet mysterious new people who they fight, kill, and at times band together with in order to accomplish their mission. But Griffith, stands in their way and is also part of the God Hand, the legendary group known as Gods to regular humans. At every turn Guts in confronted with thoughts of his past and problems that newly arise.

I’m not sure if America is that far in the series yet, so I’ll end the synopsis there. I hope that people on these forums can pick up this manga.

So please discuss this manga on this thread.:wgrin:


I own the series, have for quite awhile. And felt super blue balled after the finale. Everyone keeps mentioning how I should read the Manga, think it’s finally time lol.

Does the Manga start at the same place as the series did or at a different point?


The manga starts at the same point as the anime, but goes way farther than the anime did. The manga’s still ongoing and hasn’t finished yet. The manga is far better than the anime in every way, so you should definitely read whenever you get the chance.


True dat true dat. The manga even has characters that weren’t in the anime. About 6 characters are missing in the arc that the anime covers that are in the manga. And the manga goes to about to 30 volumes in japan right now. America, I think has about up to 18 volumes at the moment. But yes, read the manga. You’ll love it regardless of how different it is compared to the good (but crappy compared to the manga) anime. It also continues where the anime left out in greater detail. Currently, there looks to be no end in sight for the manga, I mean, the series that inspires it is 114 volumes soooo…


this is one my favorite, but honestly i think the story became less good and excited after Griffith became one of the Godhand, i felt like it focus too much on other people and wars…but it still a very good manga and one of my favorites.


I’ve been reading BERSERK since 2001, and it’s my favorite series. It had quite a good amount of influence in my life.

I just hope it ends in my lifetime, and Miura doesn’t get ill or something.

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Best series ever… I imported the japanese up to 31 oooohhh so damn good.

This thread will be full of awesome.


I seen the anime and have volumes 1-3…

I hope guts destroys that bitch griffith who happens to be the most jealous nigga ever created…

Berserk has made me realize one thing in life…

Life revolves around beautiful women…


Those statues look awesome, I’d love to get one but they’re pretty expensive it seems.


really having those stupid magic addons such farnese and the stupid little witch wannabe ruined the manga…it’s like a circus now

until the first eclipse and some chapter after, berserk was the best manga ever made


good series indeed, but i feel that the current chapters are kinda boring… to be honest.

the series doesn’t seem to be going anywhere atm…


You guys are crazy, the story is even better BECAUSE IT’S MOVING ON, ie it’s not about guts killing apostles for 20+ volumes like Hokuto no Ken with swords. Maybe you guys don’t like a plot moving but hey that’s why we have Ichi the Killer.

As for farnese and schierke, this is a story about demons, otherworld spirits, and elves right? It was that way from freaking book 1. The band of the hawk section was just to lay the background story for why guts is killing shit, or again, this would just be just pointless hacking up of things.

All of the current stuff is guts working for his girl caska and showing what griffth is doing.


for the win

it’s true that an arc involving creatures from another world may imply magic and such
but right now it’s all about shilke focusing channeling a spell with tons of pages where she only try to call some spirits and gatsu and shilke team up to avoid the armor to hunt for allies

this to me it’s boring

it become even more if you add a crapload of useless side characters such as those prostitutes from the second eclipse arc and now the farnese family

especially when we have such interesting unanswered question like the skull knight and his past wearing the berserk armor, zodd’s past and origin and what exaclty a bejelit allow to his owner (gatsu/pak still own one do you remember?)


You know I really don’t mind the members of Guts’ party, but I’ve got to say that as of late Puck being used as a forced source of comedic relief is really starting to get on my nerves.

The most recent chapter of Berserk is a fine example of this. Starts off great, with the monologue by the berserker spirit residing within Guts (which is starting to remind me of Fenrir), but then suddenly we get hit with, like, 10 pages of Pucks stupid overly animated shenanigans.

I don’t mind the side stories concerning Farnese or Schierke, but this nonsense with Puck seriously needs to get toned down cause it’s becoming a HUGE turn off.


Is it possible to order any of those statues?


You seem to have missed the whole point of Berserk… As someone mentioned before, the anime leaves you very blueballed. It actually got me reading the manga. Griffith had his reasons for his actions, as is explained in the anime, although manga goes much deeper.

I own volumes 1-15 and think that Berserk is one of the best manga series out there. Anyone knows how many volumes are available through Dark Horse comics? Takes me ages to order and receive’em over here:arazz:

  • But Puck is comic relief. Decent, unabridged, comic relief.


Love Berserk. And yes the manga is better than the anime but I give the anime props for being as violent as it was, like the blood was pure red on that show and not that shiny white stuff they were doing a lot when the show came out. The anime left a lot of stuff out since they only had 13 episodes but they got a lot of stuff in too. It’s rough that it ends on such a cliffhanger but every question brought up in the first episode was answered in the final ep, they brung up a lot more questions though ha ha! Big up to no Puck in the anime, I hate his ass. :rofl:

The Serpico / Guts fight in the last chapter was tight, I heaRd about that last year and was happy to read it finally in Dark Horse’s latest translation.


Well first off this DOESN’T have to be hear; there already was a Berserk thread in the General Disccusions forum, but it died off sadly.
Anyway new chapter comes out in Freaking Nov., BUT Vol. 32 comes out END OF NOV.!


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Well first off this DOESN’T have to be hear;
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A comic’s a comic, and as frequently as that thread a appears, it was best suited to be in the comic section of the forum anyway.