Berserk Manga


Once again Comic Shop News listed Berserk as one of their top ten manga to read! :tup:


Just got into berserk, super late to the party. Started watching the anime first and then going to jump into the manga, this shit is amazing.


In the demo for Dragon’s Dogma available on PSN and Xbox Live now if you go into character edit mode there’s already a model you can use that looks like adult Guts! Missing eye, scar across the nose and all! The only thing I did was I gave him a tan so he could look more like the TV anime version and I was good to go. :smiley:

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Picked up Dragon’s Dogma last night for the midnight release. Ha ha TM Revolution Engrish song if you let the title play out lol definitely some Sengoku Basara love! :cool:

I was able to port the Guts avatar I made from the demo (well I just gave him more of a tan like the anime) right to the game so that saved some time. In the FMV scenes his closed eye does open slightly. Screw you Griffith your demons ain’t get the whole eye over here! :smiley:

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If I were a mod I would infract you just for bumping this thread to talk about something not very related to the series, take this to the Dragon’s Dogma thread; SPREAD THE HYPE FOR IT THERE, SANO!


Lol I’ve been posting over there since I got the game and I didn’t even go into my Casca pawn creation here like I did over there, until now! :stuck_out_tongue:

You make it sound like Miura’s actually doing something. :smiley:

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If he is I’d beat him up and tell him to get back to working on Berserk =V
[SPOILER=]But hey dem idolmasters are faptastic…can you blame Miura?[/spoiler]


Is the Berserk movies gonna cover ground that the original anime didn’t cover? Or is strictly going to be a retelling of what was shown in the anime?


In preview images for the movie trilogy they showed Puck and Skull Knight so it looks like it will touch upon things the original left out.

Not sure if it will go into Guts being raped as a child or the King wanting to sleep with his daughter, some of the really adult things left out of the original.

Recap of the first film followed by a preview of the second one.

The manga will return on June 8 with three new chapters. However it will be a prequel story from Guts’ childhood.




The movie was freaking incredible.

My GF who knows nothing thought there was too much bromance

My bro who knows nothing thought it was freaking awesome.


Can’t tell if Miura is trolling or not…

New chapter is up

Next 3 chapters are about Gut’s childhood


First, a new Claymore chapter, and now this (after months of waiting)? Fuck yeah!


Miura doesn’t troll, he just spends a lot of time on Idolmaster-

Prob. NSFW



ohhhh shit…some ppl might want to google dailyflix and check out the anime section! like right now!!!


Dark Horse drops a new volume of Berserk next week! ABOUT FREAKING TIME! :rock:


I was kinda unimpressed with the first movie… Loved the artwork… Cut out to many crucial events… The second movie was much better… Meh… Besides the artwork and the voice acting… i’d rather watch the original or read the manga…


Just saw the 2nd movie, I enjoyed it although I still think the old anime is better.

I wonder when the 3rd movie will be released on dvd/bluray…


Also, some random info from another site: Miura works ahead during breaks/hiatuses and releases a set amount of chapters before going back on break.