Berserker Slash Loop -- Need Help

So, the team I’m running with is Magneto/Wolverine/Tron. Depending on the opponents point character, I may swap Wolverine to point.

Basically my issue is, when Wolverine is on point, I will sometime’s BnB into down-exchange > Magneto Hypergrav Loop > DHC glitch. After that, I’ve used a ground bounce already so going into Wolverine’s full BnB after DHC glitch won’t work and I’ve been trying to get the timing for the BSlash loop.

Every video I see, it never crosses up and Wolverine juggles them in the corner, but when I try it it always crosses up and then I’m screwed. Is there any suggestions/videos/tutorials anyone has on how to do this or shows me how I’m messing up? Thanks.

the loop is cr. M, st.H, B.slash-L. To do this you might want to dash a bit in order to connect the next M after B.slash. Or if you are in the corner you can just do st. M, st.H, B.slash-L. Another loop is just doing several B.barrage-H over again, just practice whatever is more consistent for you

I don’t know what the issue was, but reading your explination, I can get it 100% everytime now. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything differently though. Lol wierd, eitherway thanks!

the enemy has to be at a certain height in the air. if they arent high enough you cross them up hehe

Good info, thanks joesephpho.