Besides balance/stages/characters what FEATURES would you want to see in an update to SF4?

For example, for me here are the big non-extra content/balance changes I’d like to see:

Ability to view hitboxes either in training mode or at least during replays.
Frame data display in training mode.
Ability to select different stages during training mode.
Increased “record” duration for training mode.
New “playback” options: “Playback as reversal” (The dummy uses its standard settings of block/counterhit/ect but will run the recording any time it could perform a reversal). “Playback as reversal: Random” same as previous but sometimes it doesn’t try to playback.
Tech throw: Never, Every Time, Random.
Disable health based damage scaling in the training mode attack data. (As an option) just make it show the raw damage with combo scaling rather than combo scaling AND health scaling.
Show meter gained in a combo for attack data.

Online training room!

This plus the ability the change button configuration online before a match, weird as it is I have a different button setup for every character I play.
Also Vanilla announcer + Vanilla soundtrack including character select screen

Updates trials, especially for the new characters.

For me it’s mostly changes to training room.

-Fight request in training room
-Online training room
-Start+Select for resetting the training room
-Longer recording time since 10 seconds doesn’t give much time to test set-ups after an ultra
-Viewing PP in ranked like you can in endless
-Same options for filtering players when hosting as there are when you’re searching
-Change the regional options when searching for matches so that it’s based on quality of connection and distance so the same region doesn’t mean just people from the same country. It’s rare to find Finnish players but there’s plenty of players in neighboring countries to play with good connections.

O I knew I forgot one: Option to set “revenge gauge” (ultra meter) to “half” in addition to “normal/maxstart/refill/infinite” that way you could more easily test half full ultra setups. This isn’t terribly important for most characters BUT for one of the most useless ultras in the game it actually changes more than just damage: Balrog’s Ultra 2 has less range when half full than when completely full.

Rollback netcode
Player Match
Indestructible with English language vocals by Umehara Daigo

rematch button
improved online
improved training mode

For me, more player following slots (currently 5).

A way to end a laggy game without losing points/forcing you to fight in lag.

A real money auction house for PP.

The music… please. It can’t cost too much money to make good remixes of some of the themes we know and love.

  • Option to disable EX/Super- and Ultra-bars for CPU in Training mode while you keep your (infinite) bars activated so you can practice FADC combos against a moving opponent without the AI doing Ultras all the time

  • Fight requests in Training mode

  • Multiple button configurations which you can quickly swap before a match

  • Rematch option for Endless

  • Akuma and Gouken having their own themes played instead of Ryu theme remixes