Besides fighting games, what games do you play on your fightstick on your Xbox 360?


Can you play games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry with a fightstick? Shoot em ups?


Can you? Or do you?

I remember hearing someone that someone had played through Bayonetta with a SE or TE, dunno which, by setting the input mode to LS rather than DP.


I play Bomberman Ultra on my TE from time to time. I think I’d be better off with an American-style stick for that game, though.


I play Fantasy Zone on my TE from time to time


Uhm…whats that game called…the shooter where you can change colors as a shield…bah…can’t remember…but yeah shoot’em ups.

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YES! I just couldn’t process the name atm.


I play racing games.


My mistake missed the “play on xbox part”

I play on PC although im sure that you can play the games mentioned on xbox just the same.


Streets of Rage 2,metal slug and Raiden Fighters.


Call of duty :smiley:


Thanks for the help guys!


lmao hows that possible


noob tube, camp one spot, let her rip.


Sonic the hedgehog, pretty much any of the old school games on the Xbox Live Marketplace


I’ve seen Halo played on guitar hero controller. It’s amazing.
Protip: Star power = grenade.


Pfft, Little Big Planet, Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones with my girlfriend. used to play all my SNES emulated games with my stick. Zelda is nuts when played on a stick.

Gonna try Castle Crashers, TMNT: Reshelled and Marvel Ultimate Alliance tomorrow on the 360. Hopefully i can play all of those with a stick.


Nobody mentioned Pac-Man and Mrs. Pacman…? I’m ashamed of all of you.


sonic, shoot em ups, peggle, and i am going to attempt halo and call of duty. i am going to build a stick with 2 analog sticks :slight_smile:


Shmups are the only other games I have that really benefit from using a stick, though I do have a separate TE modded with a LS-32 to use with those. I have a lot of them too, lol:

Raiden Fighters Aces
Raiden IV
Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (region-free import)
Espgaluda II Black Label (also region free import)
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label EXTRA (region-locked import, I have a Japanese 360 for this)
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi EXTRA (also region-locked)

Yeah, I like shmups, in case you couldn’t tell.


A friend played Halo 3 using a TE a couple of times because we didn’t have enough controllers. Fun times.