Besides MP to start the TenguStone?



What other options are there besides TenguStone:

I use the obvious MP
I pulled out my ass today though a c.rh -> s.rh -> j.rh -> s.rh until the end against Q. Obviously this isn’t as good as the middle punch since you have to activate before the s.rh. This is more if low on life and need to get crazy you can at least juggle.

So I’m just wondering if you have very little options what else can you try besides the sweep and the launch to juggle?


Oh another one I pulled out a couple days ago was activating it while my opponent was in the and j.rh kick them then just kept j.rh kicking them ---- worked pretty well.


I suppose you could use d.HP as anti-air, then cancel into the EX Tengu and go for the reset…

Nah, s.MP all the way!


That does not work outside the corner, which is useless.


crouching hp into super 3 juggles in the corner? i thought that was a reset.

anyway, i have some setups without initiating with standing mp:

one is what you’ve already covered. that is busting the good version (2 buttons) then anti air them with a jab or roundhouse when they try to jump at you. problem is good players won’t jump in when you gave the tengu stones.

the other is done in the corner. so throw them to the corner, activate the good super, dash towards and do a crouching short right before they get up (time the short such that IT DOES NOT HIT THEM and instead the stones will). then do an overhead (mp+mk), then standing strong. now the opponent is in the air so juggle their ass down. beauty of this setup is that you get 3 chances max of hitting them up in the air for the juggle.

i’ve been working on a reset juggle. if anybody tried it and know for certain that it does not work please tell me. the setup is this. the opponent does a super jump towards the corner and you follow them. then do a fierce (should hit twice) then once you’re on the ground quickly activate into the good super and juggle. the first hit should be either a jab/standing mk/for crouching short kuz it requires less frames to attack than standing rh. i’ve been meaning to try this for months but lately i’ve been using remy/akuma.


He said it was a juggle, but it only works when they jump straight up in the corner, which is kind of pointless. My “showoff” reset, is when they are in the corner, do a close standing strong, walk up and hit them with a c. fierce on the way down, EX tengu, start juggling. The other reset is listed in the oro compendium, strong(1-hit), chicken, strong(1-hit), chicken, c. fierce cancel into EX tengu, then towards and strong. It’s not easy, and it does way less damage than if you just cancelled the EX tengu from the strong. Tengu resets are only for showing off in my opinion, I’d never ever use it in a serious match.


I never tested if it worked outside the corner. And I agree that it’s useless. Sorry for not being clear.


Um…that reset is very good actually, I use it almost all the time when I’m in the corner. Why?

STUN DAMAGE. I notice a real difference between the reset and the normal combo here. The reset also seems to deal slightly more damage if they don’t parry the first set of rocks (which is likely, since the timing is so variable).