Besides Street Fighter and UMVC3, What are the Most Popular Fighters?

Now I’m not here to insult anyone’s preferred Fighter. I just have certain tastes when it comes to Fighters and I’m wondering if they can actually be fulfilled. The thing is, I play fighting games online primarily. There’s no scene where I live so I rely on the online scene to get any play at all. This means alot of the Fighters I’m interested I just can’t play. I’d really like to get into KOF XIII but upon downloading the game and checking out Player Match I find about 5 people hosting rooms at 9:00 PM on a Saturday night. I’m sorry to the KOF players, but I need some more activity than that. Simply put, what are the Fighters with a large amount of people playing them besides Street Fighter IV and MVC3? Injustice seems to be fairly popular right now, but then so was Persona 4. I’ll also consider 3D fighters as well. I’d just like some assurance before purchasing my next Fighter. Thanks for reading.

there’s a reason no one plays KoF online (it’s really bad). If online is your only option then KoF13 is pretty much not an option.

Try Tekken Tag 2