Best <$100 PS3 Stick for Street Fighter Series?


I’m a new PS3 owner and a long time SF player.
I’d pre-ordered a Madcatz SE Fightstick, however it does not look like Amazon will be able to fulfill my order.

Can anyone recommend a quality stick aimed towards SF fighters that costs under $100 bucks and is currently available?

I realize that this is the worst possible time to hunt down a sought after stick at face value, however I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.
The PS3 dual shock 3 is destroying my fingers.

I’d appreciate any assistance that could be provided.



You could make yourself a fully modded Pelican joystick.

You can find a Pelican PS2 joystick on ebay for maybe under $20.00 if you’re lucky.

Buy a PS2 - PS3 converter.

Buy Happ/Jap stick + buttons from Lizard Lick.

Then add in all the little accessories you’ll need: wiring, quick connects (optional)

Cheapest method but you’ll need the know how.

Thanks for the advice.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to put my own stick together.
I’d love to get a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 however at the moment they are next to impossible to find at the MSRP.


Is this what they used to go for? I was trying to find a cheap second stick (preferably SFAC) to mod. Unfortunately even the SF IV hype must have gotten to the Pelicans because I haven’t seen these this cheap.

basically anything under 100 right now is not worth getting imho. only if you plan on building one yourself. but even that get close to 100.

I’m not sure about the current prices but weeks ago I’ve seen Pelicans with no bids starting at 0.99

I’ve also sold my fully Happ modded Pelican for around $55.00 a couple of months ago so yea, they aren’t expensive.

Hori Fighting Stick 3 is $50, but it is not so great.

Thanks. I’ll start trolling for one of these then. I paid $60 shipped for my SFAC a couple of months back and they’re selling for $150+ now. :wasted: I don’t even want the stick for SF IV.

HRAP series may better…
Fight Stick 3…sounds noisy and buttons soft…

I received an email from Amazon stating that my Fighting Stick order has been delayed until April. Ugh! :lame:

I think I may buy a Fighting Stick 3 on eBay for $46 to tide me over.
Right now I only have 1 controller for the PS3, so that means that I can’t play against friends unless they bring their own.

Would the Fighting Stick 3 make a good 2nd player/backup stick or would it just be a waste of money?

I’d love to pick up a HRAP3 if I could find one for $100.


FS3 is fine for a backup/buy your own goddamn stick.

I have a local ‘fight club’, where we get together with a projector and a 360 and etc and play for a couple hours every week, we have two modded EX2s with a giant “BUY YOUR OWN GODDAMN STICK” written on white paper replacing the artwork.

Those people don’t complain. Neither should your friends!

HRAP 3 imo

get the hori fight stick and mod it with sanwa parts. we have a guide here so look for it.

since your in texas, have you tried a fry’s electronics. i went in the other day and they have the se sticks sitting on shelves.

I have something you might be interested in. I sent you a pm.

My EX2 is still going strong. I had to put a wedge between the metal bottom and the PCB that connects to the A and B buttons to keep it in place during play and that corrected the unresponsive A button issue.

The stick itself is solid. Other than the noise (is uses larger microswitches and it squeaks a little when I move it fast), it feels very similar to my Sanwa right down to the dead zone and the throw. I certainly can’t blame it when I whiff a special.

If the Fighting Stick 3 uses the same parts, it’s a fine $50 joystick.