Best 360 pad to PS3 converter?

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I am organizing a tournament and there are a number of people who, for some reason or other, play on 360 pad. The tournament will be running PS3. Is there a good lagless converter from 360 pad to PS3, and where can I get it?

Thanks so much for your help as always Tech Talk!

There isn’t any worth the price, seriously. Only Xbox 360 (USB) to PS3 (USB) adapter is around $80 made by XCM. And I trust XCM as much as I trust a hungry T-Rex.

$80 for a converter? you are better of buying a actual PS3 controller for half the price.

i bought a XCM many moons ago when I was too broke to buy another TE stick for my at the time, new ps3…laggy, laggy, laggy…cant play fighting games on it with a gun pointed to your head…its decent for other non fighting games tho, I suppose, using a wired 360 pad…hated the dualshock 3 for a long time due to me having a xbox first and large hands and it proved to be a serviceable way to play games with the xbox pad…

…I pretty much beat Uncharted 2 with a xbox controller using my xcm…but I kissed and made up with the dualshock3 recently, ended up copping a TE-s for my playstation, and i didnt have much use for the XCM after that

its currently sitting in the backseat of my car soaking up the sun. fuck that thing.

I some what the opposite, I love the dual-shock and though the Xbox 360 controller is the spawn of Satan. I even went to look for PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters.

But I agree the XCM lags big time, there also reliability issues with the device working, a number of them reported to fail as soon as the 30 day warranty expires.

But even if there was a reliable lagless converter I would not even bother as the $80 price tag from something made by XCM is terrible.

I rather spend the same money on a toodles FW Converter + a Controller Pad PCB as the host and project box the thing

I agree with you guys for sure. Would you recommend then that we get a PS3 to 360 converter?

I actually loved the DualShock 2. i owned a ps2, never a Xbox 180 (although I had controller envy when the Controller-s dropped for the 180…it was so perfect) but the Dualshock 3 is just so…ew. Its so light, it feels hollow (I always feel like I’m gonna hulk smash it between my hands if I hold it too tight), the L2 and R2 buttons have that “cliff” thing, its so annoying, I’m always accidentally pressing them.

I’ve also gotten spoiled by the position of the Analog stick on the 360 pad. having the Dpad closer to the center of the pad as opposed to the far left makes it so much more accessible to your right thumb, cause i play games where simultaneous access to both the left analog stick and the D pad is necessary (mainly NBA 2k to call plays) and reaching over my left thumb up to the Dpad on the ps3 stick is a cumbersome pain in the arse and due to the “cliffs” of the L and R 2 buttons, I have to change the way I hold the pad to make sure my fingers dont slip off them when i’m multitasking in games that require you to press alot of butans…my hands cramp up big time during long gaming sessions with a dualshock. (again I think due to my long fingers/bigger hands)

It would probably be better for me if more games allowed movement to be mapped to the D Pad as opposed to making you use the analog (speaking of the analog the contoured “inward” analog stick of the xbox > the rounded off “outward” analog of the ps3 IMO… it hugs the ball of your thumb and is not so “jarring”)

the 360 pad is so much more comfortable to me…if there was a decent converter out there, I would only have ps3 pads for guests (which is what I was hoping the XCM was gonna allow)

If were talking about arcade sticks instead of pads I say go and do a dual-mod.
Dual-mods are possible on a pad, but the process is alot harder as it

I don’t recommend any Xbox 360 to PS3 or PS3 to Xbox 360

Again, I definitely agree. I have a dual modded TE so it’s not me. Just local guys that learned on 360 pad.

Not PS3 to Xbox, but PS2 to Xbox, and this thing works really well:

Thank you J.Scogz!

You should really tell them they are fucked for being interesting in competing in tournaments, but investing skills in a controller that won’t be compatible with PS3s.

Regardless 90% of tournaments out there, large or small, official or something set up after school runs on PS3 consoles.

As regardless of what Xbox 360 owners say (yes I am going to trash the Xbox 360, this comes from a tech perspective not a fan boy’s perspective),
for 2 player off line play the PS3 is more 1000% reliable. Before the Xbox 360 Elite the failure rate of the Xbox 360 was 1 out of 3, that means one out of three Xbox 360 Consoles had a RROD or Red Ring of Death. Yes the PS3 had the Yellow light of Death, but the Yellow light was a 1 out of 10,000 chance of happening. You are more likely to get in a car accident. Yes Microsoft finally stop being retarded and fix the major design flaws of the Xbox 360. Yes the flaws were really major on the older model Xbox 360 consoles. Cheap solder was used with a lower melting point. Poorly designed PCU and GPU coolers and ram chips that over heat with very poor thermal pads for cooling, and a ineffectual single dual fan.
A Fan that designed to run off 12 volts was running on 5. And this not mentioning how some consoles would shred disk that were place in the disk drive.

The other reason is Evo got sponsored by Sony, and Sony gave Evo the PS3 units that Evo now uses, and pretty much everyone else uses Evo standards.
Even a few comic and anime conventions use Evo standards for their video game tournaments.

Only MLG uses Xbox 360 consoles, and Major League Gaming is the Fucking devil him self.

I agree with rtdzing’s statement